Yahoo Mail Folders

How To Make Yahoo Mail Folders Bothe In Desktop & Mobile

If you deal with lot document, you need to create folder in other priority. This will make you work look good, neat and easier to navigate. Same method applies to yahoo mail. If you are the type that has collection of mails, there is need to folders called yahoo mail folders.

The best ways to get better organized is to sort important message you want to keep into folders. Here’s how to do that in Yahoo! Mail.

Create Yahoo Mail Folders In Your Browser (Desktop)

The following steps will help you create mail browser in your desktop:

Step 1 ====> Log into your Yahoo! Mail account and open your inbox.

Step 2 ====> Click the New Folder button on the left corner of the page

Yahoo Mail Folders

Step 3 ====> On clicking the button, A box will show up to put in the name of the folder you want to create, then hit the enter key to save the name of the folder. When you save the folder, you will see a confirmation notice pop up briefly on your screen.

Yahoo Mail Folders

Step 4 ====> Your new folder appears in the Folders section, right below the New Folder button.

Yahoo Mail Folders

Step 5 ====> Hover your pointer over the folder name, you will see a button appear next to the name. Click that to see additional options for the folder.

Yahoo Mail Folders

How To Add Message To Yahoo Mail Folders

Now that you have created yahoo mail folder successfully, now let talk on how to add message to your new folder. There are two different ways to add messages to the mail folder you created in yahoo.

Method 1: Select The Messages You Want To Move

Yahoo Mail Folders

Step 1 ====> Select the message by clicking their check boxes

Step 2 ====> Now click the Move button

Step 3 ====> Then selecting the folder to which you want to move the messages.

Method 2: Drag Messages To Yahoo Mail Folders You Created

From the name, drag the messages to the folders. Just drag the messages one after the other to the folder. That is all, you have successfully created yahoo mail folders on your desktop browser.

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Create Yahoo Mail Folders in Your Mobile Browser

Just like that of the desktop browser, you can as well set up yahoo mail folders on your mobile devices. The processes are very simple and easy to follow:

Step 1 ====> Start by logging into your Yahoo Mail account

Step 2 ====> After logging in, tap the menu icon at the top left

Yahoo Mail Folders

Step 3 ====> Then swipe up to scroll to the bottom of the menu

Step 4 ====> Then, tap the Create New Folder option.

Yahoo Mail Folders

Step 5 ====> A window will pops up, type a name of the folder, and then tap the Save button.

Step 6 ====> A confirmation message displays briefly, and then you will see your newly created folder below the Create New Folder option.

Yahoo Mail Folders

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