Midas Card Review, Application Process, Login Guide and Payment Option

Midas Credit Card Review

Midas credit card is one of the cards issued by Synchrony Banks. This card offers auto maintenance and all your auto repairing needs.  As we know keeping your car good other is the best you could do with this credit card. With this credit card, you will be able to save some money while putting your card in good order. This article will cover so many things on Midas card, such as application process, login guide and possibly payment method s through this card.

You need to take advantage of no interest if paid in full within 6 months on purchases of $199 or more, all on top of acceptance at over 1,000 Midas locations, accepted across most U.S. gas stations nationwide, easy approval and most of all, no annual fee.

Midas Credit Card Features

This credit has many features, we will highlight them in this part of the article. You only need to keep reading as we move on.

====> You will be charged no annual fees

====> You will be able to manage your account through the online platform

====> This credit card (Midas Credit Card) is accepted across the United State of America at the gas station

====> Midas card is accepted in more than 1000 location across the country

====> No interest if paid in full within 6 months on purchases of $199 or more. On Purchases of $199 or more with your Midas credit card. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the promotional purchase is not paid in full within 6 Months. Minimum Monthly Payments required.

Pros and Cons of Midas Card

This aspect will reveal the good and bad you may likely come across as you use this credit card. It is good to know this, so you will not be cut unaware.

Pros of Midas Credit Card

====> No annual fee charged attached to this credit card, you need not worry yourself about the annual fee at all

====> Midas Credit Card reports to multiple credit bureaus, thereby your credit card is secure

====> You will enjoy special financing options through the use of this credit card

====> Midas Credit card is accepted in more than 1000 Midas locations across the country

====> This credit card is accepted at gas stations nationwide

Cons of Midas Card

We have just completing listed out the pros of this credit card, that is not justice. We need to highlight the cons as well, thereby guiding you on what you will likely facing through the use of the credit card.

====> You may likely get high-interest rate using this credit card

====> Does not include any credit card benefits.

====> You will not enjoy signup bonus, this credit does not offer bonus on sign-up

====> You don’t earn rewards on every purchase

====> This credit card does not offer rewards or cashback, this is a bit harsh about the credit card

Midas Credit Card Application Process

How Do I Apply for this Card? This question might have been burdening you, you don’t need to worry yourself any longer. You will be guided on how you can apply for the Midas card in this article. Customers, who want to apply for this card can do so, provided that the following this step below:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official website on Midas or copy and paste www.midas.com

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on the CREDIT at the top of the page

Midas Credit Card Review

Step 3 ====> On the new page opened, locate and click on Apply Now button

Step 4 ====> Enter the last 4-digit of your Social Security Number and Phone Number in the fields provided and click on the continue button

Step 5 ====> You need to carefully read through the terms of this card before you continue with its application.

Step 6 ====> Then, indicate the purchase amount.

Step 7 ====> Provide your personal information such as your name, contact address, financial information, among others

Step 8 ====> As an applicant, you are to specify if, you will like to have a joint applicant.

Step 9 ====> Now you need to indicate method of statement delivery use to enable you to access your statement, be it paper statement or electronic.

Step 10 ====> From here, visit the Optional Card Security registration collection, read through the agreement of optional card security and that of the security Debt cancellation program.

Step 11 ====> Then indicate your interest in the box if actually, you accept the optional card security program.

Step 12 ====> Finally, click on the Continue button to complete your application process.

Midas Credit Card Login

After you might have completed the application process, you need to know how you can access your online account. In other to login to your account, you only need to follow simple steps. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official website on Midas or copy and paste www.midas.com

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on the CREDIT at the top of the page

Step 3 ====> Now click on the login button, you will be redirected to Synchrony login page.

Midas Card Review

Step 4 ====> On the Synchrony login page, locate and click on the login button

Step 5 ====> At the right hand of the page, here is where you are to provide your login details

Step 6 ====> Enter your Login details in the field provided, your username and password

Step 7 ====> Finally here on this aspect, you need to click on the Secure Login button to get access your online account

Once you are able to follow these steps, you will gladly access your online account.

Recover Lost or Forgotten Login Details

As humans, sometimes we make mistakes on misplacing or forget many things. You can easily restore your login detail, be it your username or password. You only need to follow simple step to do that, here is how to go about this:

Recover Username

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the login page of this card as explained above

Step 2 ====> Under the login section, search and click on the Find User ID option

Step 3 ====> Now provide this information: Your date of birth, Account Number, Last 4-digit on your Social Security Number and click on the continue button

Recover Password

Step 1 ====> Just click on the Reset password link

Step 2 ====> Provide your user ID and zip code

Step 3 ====> Then, click on the Continue button

Midas Credit Card Payment

The main reason for obtaining any credit card is the ability to make a payment through such credit card, Midas card is not excluded. You will be able to make a payment on this credit card through three methods. We will discuss these ones after the other:

Online Payment Method

Phone Payment Method

Mail Payment Method

Online Payment Method

This is the most used method among the payment method using Midas credit card. It is also the easiest payment method on the credit card. Here is how you can make a payment using this credit card:

Step 1 ====> You need to complete your online registration or application

Step 2 ====> Login to your online account using your login details

Step 3 ====> Now locate the payment method on the dashboard

Step 4 ====> Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process

As you can see, this method is very simple and easy to go about.

Phone Payment Method

Aside from the online payment method, you will be able to pay your bills through phone calls. This is another active mean of payment through the Midas credit card.

You need to dial this phone number 1 866 396 8254. You can use either an automated system or speak to a customer service assistant. Yet, keep in mind that you might be charged an additional fee for this service.

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Mail Payment Method

The last but not the least method is payment by Mail. You only need to send your payment through the mailing address below:

Synchrony Bank

P.O. Box 960061

Orlando, FL 32896-0061.

NOTE: Unfortunately, you are not able to make your payment in a store.


Finally, here you have spent your time wisely. You have learned one or two things about Midas Credit Card in this article. You have learned the complete process to apply for Midas card, how to pay your bills using this credit card.

We also run through the pros and cons of using this credit card. In case you have any issue to settle, please contact the help desk through the customer service on the official website.

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