Mp3 Music Download-Top Free Music Downloader Apps for Android

Mp3 music download on android phone are getting rampart as more people are having fun while listing to music either through mp3 music download free or by using simple mp3 downloader app available on net. Aside this, in previous years, music lovers do pay before they can have their favourite music on their phone.

Meanwhile, the story has changed as you can lay your hand on your phone to get what you want on the net, mainly on mp3 music download. As well not everyone has time in searching for the right music online with the simple mp3 downloader, so at time it is hard to get our favourite music online since not all mp3 music download free from some of the site if not all sites.

Since the mobile networks started to serve high speed data and wi-fi networks readily available around us, it becomes easier to do things on android phone. What we used to do on the desktop? Back in those days, we used to download music on computer then, convert to phone format and then transfer them to the phone. But now mp3 music download from the internet directly to our Android or iPad phone.


In this article, I will set before you a list of Top Free Music Downloader Apps for Android, and you can choose the best one to download your favourite mp3 music download free. Every app has its set of features and facilities to offer; you can go for the one which sweet your purpose the more.

iTube Music Downloader

The first mp3 music download on this list is the iTube music downloader, you can download this app from Google play store or any other play store you can lay your hand upon. The average rating of this app from various users is about 4.3, on this app, you can download and as well streaming music on it.

You can find your favorite music track by searching through Genres or simply just be searching it.  Though, this app is available for android phones having at least 4.1 Android version. Database of their MP3 tracks is very huge and high.

I am damn sure that you can easily find most of your favorite mp3 tracks easily by this app and in addition is a simple mp3 downloader.

MP3 Music Download Pro

This app is free, it also has it name on this list. With this app, you can search through the millions of mp3 music download free and grab your among them.

This app allows you to search and get mp3 music download for free, multi-thread download is available on this application, you can download three songs at the same time.  To do this you only need an active Data connection, there is a cool feature allows cutting the songs you downloaded and set them as ringtones as well.

soundCloud Downloader

Another important app on this list is Soundcloud Downloader, in fact in one of the best known mp3 downloader apps for android phones. You cannot only listing to music on this app, you can as well go through audio books and podcasts.

On this simple mp3 downloader, you can listen to music as well as upload music, enabling you to share it with others. It as well lets you share, like or comment on other mp3 music download that have been uploaded by others.

Minimal MP3 Downloader

If you like stripped down and simple, Minimal MP3 Downloader is a good option you can do that.  Basically, Minimal MP3 Downloader allows you to search free songs online, then download copies for offline access which is a great feature of this app.  That not only enables offline listening, but minimizes data charges as well which in addition keeps your data.

Minimal Mp3 Downloader, mp3 music download has garnered fairly solid reviews, especially from people seeking obscure music.  This is geared towards niche music fans, though users sometimes find themselves tolerating bugs. This app is safe to use, and it is an mp3 music download free app.

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

By one way or the other, this app found its name on the list. Super Cloud MP3 downloader is one of best android app for mp3 music download free, but it is not available in play store, which make it a bit hard to get and download. To download any music from this app, you just have to search for name of artist, album or song and the hit the downloading button.

This app also allows streaming of music online for free so you can also preview any music track before downloading it in your android phone. Best part of this app is that it is available for old android versions which are advantage over other apps that do not present on old android versions. Even guys who are using gingerbread android version (Android 2.3) can easily install and use this app in their android, with this, mp3 music download are readily available for all android user who may need simple mp3 downloader app on his android phone.

Free Mp3 Download

Free mp3 downloads is a very simple music downloader app for android that lets the user grab mp3 music download free. There are two section in this app labelled as “Download and Listen”.

On the download tab, you can enter a query and hit search. Find you desired song among the result and get your favourite mp3 music download.

In listening tab, you will find the entire mp3 music download free and play them. The songs are provided for free from the artists. So, do not expect to find the commercial music here. Better search for songs based on genre.

4shared for Music

This app enables easy mp3 music download free, and offers millions of free mp3s.  Currently, 4shared offers over 6 million licensed mp3s, royalty free tracks to enjoy.  Updates happen regularly, the latest version is 1.3.

4shared music currently has more than 12 million users on its platform, this easily identify it as one of the best simple mp3 downloader. So it is easy to share tastes and get recommendations, especially from newer artists and tracks. Moreover, you can download this app from play store include Google play store.

Once downloaded, 4shared opens a 15GB cloud enabled storage folder for your mp3s, which makes it easy to manage your collection, this is wonderful feature about the application.  Beyond that, 4shared allows you to upload other mp3 music download currently stored on your device, for further freeing up room and creating more space on your android devices.

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