MyAnimeList And Your Devices: Android, iPhones

MyAnimeList, often abbreviated as MAL, is an anime and manga social networking and social cataloging application website. The site provides its users with a list-like system to organize and score anime and manga. It facilitates finding users who share similar tastes and provides a large database on anime and manga. The site claims to have 4.4 million anime and 775,000 manga entries. In 2015, the site received 120 million visitors a month.

My-AnimeList was launched in April 2006 by Garrett Gyssler and maintained solely by him until 2008. Originally the website was called AnimeList, but Garret Gyssler decided to incorporate the possessive My at the beginning, following the fashion of the most important social network in those years.

On August 4, 2008, CraveOnline, a men’s entertainment and lifestyle site owned by AtomicOnline, purchased MyAnimeList for an undisclosed sum of money. In 2015, DeNA announced that it had purchased MyAnimeList from CraveOnline, and that they would partner with Anime Consortium Japan to stream anime on the service, via Daisuki.

MAL became inaccessible for several days in May and June 2018 when site staff took it offline for maintenance, citing security and privacy concerns. The site operators also disabled API for third-party apps, rendering them unusable. The moves were done in efforts to conform to the European Union’s GDPR program.

In January 2019, MyAnimeList was acquired by Media Do, they announced their intention to focus on marketing and e-book sales to strengthen the site.

MyAnimeList  APK Info

Download MyAnimeList 0.11.13 APK For Android, APK File Named And APP Developer Company Is MyAnimeList, LLC . Latest Android APK Vesion MyAnimeList Is MyAnimeList 0.11.13 Can Free Download APK then Install On Android Phone.

Download MyAnimeList 0.11.13 APK Other Version

For Download Other MyAnimeList versions Visit MyAnimeListAPK Archive. Download MyAnimeList.apk android apk files version 0.11.13

App by = MyAnimeList, LLC

Content Rating = Mature 17+Sexual Themes

App Updated = 05-15-2018

Apk Version = 0.11.7

Category = Entertainment

Android OS Version = 5.0 +

App Apk Size = 18M

Url = Play Store

You can Find More info by Search net.Myanimelist On Google. If Your Search myanimelist, entertainment Will Find More like net. myanimelist, MyAnimeList 0.11.13 Downloaded 3628

What you can do with the beta edition:

====> Update and manage your list, as well as track what you are watching

====> Search and browse the anime database

====> Check current and past seasonal anime lineups

====> View trending anime ranking, as well as individual series’ ranks over time What we are working on

====> Access to more databases and other features from the web version

====> Make your voice heard by letting the dev team know what you want to see implemented next

What is New in MyAnimeList 0.11.13

We are finally back with a brand new update. This time it as a small patch focused on quality of life improvements. We are committed to making updates as quick as possible, so keep your eyes peeled.


====> Updated the design of the MyList editing menu.

====> Altering your Watching Progress will no longer change your Watching Status while a title is set to On Hold or Dropped.

New Features

Added the ability to set the Watching Start Date and Completed Date of anime.

Permissions in MyAnimeList 0.11.13


How to Download MyAnimeList app from Google Play

This app is safe, if you are using Android Devices, you will find it easy to download it on your devices. Visit Google Play Store via the app on your device (Andriod Phones), Search for MyAnimeList then tap on install to have it on your phone. Check the image bellow to see what users have to say about the app.

MyAnimeList And Your Devices

How to Download MyAnimeList From Apple Store

MyAnimeList is a beautiful and simple app that tracks anime and manga using your MyAnimeList account. Keep track of what you have been watching and reading with a few swipes and taps. Want to update your list quickly? Swipe to the right to add an episode/chapter. Don’t care about that anime/manga anymore? Swipe even further to remove it

MyAnimeListAnd Your Devices


Seller = Jerome Ceccato

Size = 40.3 MB

Category = Utilities

Compatibility = Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Languages = English

Age Rating = Rated 4+

Copyright = © 2014-2018 Jérôme Ceccato

Price  = Free

What is New

This update fixes a few bugs:

====> IMPROVEMENT: Added a banner to indicate when search results are filtered.

====> IMPROVEMENT: Added messaging to when you select watching or reading when the previous status was set to completed. This will prompt you to choose rewatch / reread if that was the intended action. Additionally, this will clear your progress count for you.

====> FIXED: Fixed a cosmetic issue where series that were repeating would still show Watching / Reading as the current status in the details page.

====> FIXED: Added in a similar rewatching/rereading confirmation dialogue whenever the progress gets set to Rewatching / Rereading.

====> FIXED: Fixed an issue where MyAniList news would sometimes not update on its scheduled time during app launch.

====> FIXED: Increased the hard limit for current episode and chapter updates to a whopping 99,999. Let’s hope no anime or book ever reaches this value…


====> Browse your anime and manga lists

====> Track airing anime you’re watching and see when the next episode is aired (and get notifications too if you want)

====> Sort your lists by status, score, tags and more

====> Update your lists as you watch anime/read manga with a single press

====> Search and add new anime and manga with advanced filters

====> Browse the top, popular and airing anime and manga

====> Find anime and manga details, synopsis, reviews, recommendations and cast

====> Compare your lists with your friends

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