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MyHTSpace is an online portal created by the Harris Teeter. It is a supermarket chain which has its 254 stores in seven South Atlantic states. Harris Teeter is headquartered in Matthews, North Carolina. If you are an employee at the Harris Teeter you can sign in to your employee account which is the My HT Space.

Logging into the Harris Teeter MyHTSpace portal one can gain access to their company information, view work schedule, request a leave, get in touch with teammates, seek information online and more. Read on to find a guide to the My HT Space Login.


As an employee of Harris Teter who takes care of its valued employee, the company’s first priority. As such, MyHTspace offers many benefits to the customer or employee. These benefits provide for taking care of the employee and their family.

It has a different brand of its own which caters to the demand of the customer. If you want your food to be unique, fun and adventurous, you can choose HT Trader brand products. Thus, people who get a job in MyHTspace should pursue competitive salaries, quality health, financial and other benefits. Get each information through

MyHTSpace Employee Benefits

As an employee of Harris Teeter, taking care of your valuable customers is your first priority. Accordingly, an organization will take care of you by facilitating more benefits. It is proud of the excellent benefit plans to the customer associates. These benefit plans are designed for providing protection for you and your family needs as well in the myhtspace ess.

On behalf of the benefits plan, it is offering a comprehensive and competitive benefits package which adds substantial value to the employees total compensation receive from the Harris Teeter. Along with the competitive basic salary and the opportunity to participate in the attractive incentive program, it is providing different benefits to its employees (redprairie ht) such as:

====> Medical

====> Dental

====> Vision

====> Dependent life insurance

====> Supplement AD & D Insurance

====> Short term disability

====> Critical illness insurance

====> Legal benefit

====> Associate VIC card discounts

====> Long term disability

====> Work-life solutions

====> Hugh G. Ashcraft foundation

====> Educational assistance

====> Flexible spending accounts including for health care, commuter benefits, and dependent care.

====> Retirement and savings plan subsuming 401(k) plan with matching company contributions.

In addition to these, employee can able to enjoy the associate of the month and service award programs

What are the Requirements to Access MyHTspace

For login, ensure you have a few things functional. Read on to find the requirements to sign in to My HT Space.

Active Account: You should be authorized to sign in to the My HT Space and be an employee of the Harris Teeter.

Internet Connection: Check whether you have an active internet connection to sign in to your MY HT Space account.

Login Credentials:  You must remember your account sign-in credentials.

Private Device: It is recommended that you use a private device to sign in as you can save passwords.

How to Apply for an Online Portal

To apply for MyHTspace online portal there are few steps which you have to follow and you have to be the part of the MyHTspace working area in order to get access to online portal and get all the benefits. Though the customers can enjoy the returning policies but the above-mentioned benefits are only for the employees. Follow these steps to make an account on MyHTspace online portal.

Step 1 ====> Now the first step is to go to the official website of MyHTspace and then look for the signup button. You can find the signup button on the slider of the front page or at the top menu

Step 2 ====> Click on it and you will be redirected to another page containing a lot of information. After reaching the required information page, fill all the form

Step 3 ====> Now after filling the form click on the next button and follow the instructions

Step 4 ====> Once you entered everything according to the instructions, and you will be redirected to the page of selecting the user name and password

Step 5 ====> Now select it as per your choice and then click on Ok button

Step 6 ====> You will get an email verification of the account and once you click on the verification link, you are going to get registered on the website

Step 7 ====> You can go to the official website again and then click on login button. You will be shown a page asking for entering the username and password

Step 8 ====> Enter the credential and press enter, you will be login to your online portal

MyHTSpace Login Portal

Employees are working so hard for their families. When they get their Username and Password to login to the MyHTSpace portal they are facing problems. So this article will help you out with the login problems. You just have to follow the below steps for easy login. Which are as follows:| My ht space Employee Login Guide

Step 1 ====> First of all, open the that will directly bring to you at the myhtspace login portal for the employees.

Step 2 ====> You will get on this Login page.

Step 3 ====> Fill the entire detail with your Username and Password.

Step 4 ====> Then click on the Blue Login button.

Step 5 ====> It will take you to your work page of MyHTSpace.

Hence, this is how you would able to log in without any issues. Still, you are facing any of the problems then you can call us at 1-800-432-6111 or fill the Contact us form.

Here was about the registration and login detail of the MyHTSpace portal for the employees. Suppose due to some reason or can say a busy life you forget your password, then do not worry below is the following detail regarding that. Scroll down to read more.

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Updating your profile

You can update your profile once you login to it because there might be chances that you want to change your profile picture in MyHTspace, password or any other information and to do that, you need to follow the following steps which we are breaking now!

Changing the Password

In other to change your password on MyHTspace portal, follow the steps bellow.

Step 1 ====> You will have to login to your profile and then go to the settings

Step 2 ====> Once you reach the settings then go to account settings

Step 3 ====> In the account settings you need to click on password

Step 4 ====> Now enter the previous password and then enter the new one

Step 5 ====> Click on save password button and you’re done

Changing the Profile Picture

Step 1 ====> You will have to login to your profile and then go to the settings

Step 2 ====> Once you reach the settings then go to account settings

Step 3 ====> Click on the profile picture which is on the top

Step 4 ====> Browse the new image from your computer

Step 5 ====> Upload it and crop it accordingly

Step 6 ====> Click on save image and you are done

Changing the Email

Step 1 ====> You will have to login to your profile and then go to the settings

Step 2 ====> Once you reach the settings then go to account settings

Step 3 ====> Go to the email and then replace the email which you want it to be there

Step 4 ====> They will ask you to enter the password to confirm whether it is really you who’s changing the email

Step 5 ====> Enter the password and you’re done

Forgot Username or Password?

There is no need to worry if you forget your username or password. This information will help you out with any of the issues. Due to a busy schedule, anyone can forget either username or password. But the following detail will help you.

First, go to the login portal at, then click on the ‘Forget your username or Password’.

A form will appear to fill it and continue the following process. By continuing the process will lead you to your actual purpose.

You can create a new password with it. But to create your new username you have to follow the above registration process of the MyHTSpace.


I hope the above article of the MyHTSpace login portal must have helped you out with any of your queries. In this article registration process, the Login process and create a new username or password process has been given in the above article. For any doubts or queries, you can call us 1-800-432-6111 or fill the Contact us form or you can visit

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