NNU| What is NNU NG: How will I Earn from it


NNU means Nigerian news update NNU is a media platform like Vanguard, Punch, Guardian newspapers e.t.c. click here to create your account. The difference is that NNU pays you for reading news from their website. Interesting, click here to get your account today.

How Do I Earn In NNU?

When you register with NNU, you earn as follows:

====> 50 naira daily for just logging into your account.

====> 2 naira for each news viewed, don’t comment just view and pass. You can view as many as you can, your 2 naira keeps adding.

====> 100 naira daily for posting news on your facebook.

====> 100 naira for posting relevant post in NNU forum.

====> 1000 naira bonus on each of your friend, course mate, fellow staff that decided to join NNU through your link (is optional, no be by force refer person or people)

NNU will sum up all your earning and pay into your bank account every 27th of the month. Now with this little information, I guess you have decided to join, click here to set up your account today.

Who Can Participate in NNU?

Everybody is invited. Just use your spare time and make money with NNU. Stop wasting your data on Facebook irrelevant post. You work on NNU from your home or office on your convenient.

How Much is Registration?

Registration is only 1,600 naira only. No upgrading fee at all just 1,600 naira only and that is the only money you will pay on the website

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How Do I Pay and Register on NNU?

Firstly, you need to click here for registration,

Note: After filling your details on the Registration page, choose your payment method and click on make payment.

There are two ways of paying your 1,600 naira on the registration page, the two methods of payments is shown below. Without paying 1,600naira for your registration your NNUNG account will not be opened.

====> Paystack

====> Coupon code


You can pay your  #1,600 naira through Paystack. Paystack is an online means of payment, through paystack you pay your #1,600 in form of bank transfer. Once your payment is successful your account will be opened or activated.

Coupon Code

Coupon code is another means of payment and it’s the simplest way so far. If you can’t pay online through paystack or you don’t want to pay online then you use coupon code. Coupon code is given by NNU is just a code.

Final Note NNU

On the final note, before you close this page, if you have not register, click here to register and start making money while you read news from this site.

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