Guide on Old Navy Credit Card Application, Login and Payment Methods [Update]

Old Navy deal with wears ranging from men cloth, women children, and babies. Old Navy also deals with casual wear, swimwear, and maternity options. Old Navy Credit Card (ON Credit Card) reward customers with points and discount when paying bills through Visa Old Credit Card. Old Navy is recognized for its affordable stylish clothing fit for your family.

The company is owned by Gap Inc, Old Navy is an American retailing company that deals in clothing and accessories for men, women, boys, girls, and even toddlers as mentioned above. As most big retailers do, Old Navy also provides its customers with credit card facilities.

Benefits of using the Old Navy Credit Card Visa

The following are some of the benefits of using an Old Navy card, these are amazing kinds of benefits you can enjoy from any credit card.

====> You will enjoy 25% off on your first purchase through your credit card

====> You will benefit 1 point through a Visa card on every dollar you spend everywhere

====> Old navy gives points to customers on every dollar spent on their credit card. On every single dollar you spent, you will be giving 5 points

====> Accumulation of 500 points gives you 5 dollars, that is very wonderful

Apply for Old Navy Visa Card

You have run through the benefit of using a Navy Credit Card. Now we will run through the application process of the card. The application process is very simple and easy to go about. You only need to follow simple instruction, here we go:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the ON Credit Card page

Step 2 ====> On the page, you need to locate and click Apply Now button

Old Navy Card Application, Login and Payment Methods

Step 3 ====> You now need to enter your details for application process. These include personal information, contact details, annual income, Social security Number, Date of Birth, and choose a method of statement delivery

Step 4 ====> Now agree to the term and condition of service by check the box

Step 5 ====> Finally, click on the Secure Submit Button

You are doing well, you are moving closer to what we have for you in the article. Now let move to what we have next

ON Credit Card Visa Login Requirement

For you to access your online account without any issue, you need the following at your disposal.

====> You need your Login details (username and password)

====> You the right URL

====> You need active and reliable internet service

====> You need to make use of the latest version of your browser

====> You need your gadgets, these include any of your personal computer, smartphone, and other devices that can access the internet

Login to Old Navy Online Account

The above steps guided you to apply for an Old Navy credit card. We are not done yet, we need to run through the login guide as well. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official website of Old Navy or click here

Step 2 ====> Locate and click Credit Card at the top right corner of the screen

Old Navy Visa Card Application, Login and Payment Methods

Step 3 ====> You will be redirected to another page, on this page located and click Login Button

Step 4 ====> Now provide your login details, these include your username and password

Step 5 ====> Then, after that, click on Secure Login button

NOTE: You may decide to save your login details on your gadgets, we advise you to do that on your gadgets

Activate Old Navy Visa Card

You have applied and login to your account through the steps explained in the article. It is not over yet, you need to activate your Old Navy Credit Card. Without activation, you can’t use your card. The activation process is simple and easy to follow. Here is what you need:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the old navy home page as usual

Step 2 ====> This time, you must scroll down to the bottom of the page

Step 3 ====> At the bottom, locate and click on Activate Card

Step 4 ====> Now you need to enter your credit card details, this is your Credit Card Number

Step 5 ====> You must agree that you are the primary cardholder

Step 6 ====> Then, you must select your security plan

Step 7 ====> Now, click continue to move on

ON Credit Card Payment Methods

The main reason for obtaining a credit card is to make payment easier for the users. Finding it hard to make payment through your credit card will be a blow to the users. This article will cover various means of payment through the use of the Old Navy Credit Card.

Old Navy Credit Card Visa Payment through Mail

Old Navy Visa Card Online Payment Method

Make an Old Navy Visa Card Payment by Phone

ON Credit Card Visa Payment through Mail

Our first payment method in the article is through the mailing method. This method is effective but slow compare to the means of payment through the use of the credit card.

The payment through the means could be regular or overnight, you only need to pay your bills. To make a payment by mail, fill out a check or money order for at least the minimum amount due.

You need to include your Old Navy account number in the memo section on the check or money order. Each card has its own address for regular or overnight payments, bellow is the list of mailing addresses to pay your money

Old Navy Visa Card Regular Payment Address

Old Navy Visa Payments

P.O. Box 960017

Orlando, FL 32896

ON Credit Card Regular payment address

Old Navy Payments

P.O. Box 530942

Atlanta, GA 30353

Old Navy Visa Card Overnight Payment Address

Old Navy Visa Payments

140 Wekiva Springs Road

Longwood, FL 32779-3604

Old Navy Visa Card Overnight Payment Address

Old Navy Payments – Synchrony Bank

485 Lake Mirror Road

Building 700, Department 72

Atlanta, GA 30349

Old Navy Visa Card Online Payment Method

One of the fastest means of payment through your Old navy card is the online payment method. It is very fast, reliable, and easy to go about. You can access your Old Navy credit card account online or via the app using the Old Navy bill pay portal. Here is how to go about the payment process:

Step 1 ====> You need to apply for a credit card as explained in the article

Step 2 ====> You must log in to your account using your login details (username and password)

Step 3 ====> On your account, locate and click on Make payment from the Payment menu

Step 4 ====> You need to provide your bank details, such as bank account number and routing number

Step 5 ====> You check your account balance through your online account portal

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Make an Old Navy Visa Card Payment by Phone

In other to make payment through your phone, dial 866 450 5294 and follow the instruction given to you through the representative

You will not be charged anything using this means to pay your bills. You will need your Old Navy account number, your bank account number, and the ABA routing number to complete the payment.


Finally, we have come to the end of what we have for you in the article about the Old Navy Credit card Visa. In the article, we run through the log-in process, registration guide, and different meant of payment using a credit card. If you have any technical issues, please contact the help desk of the company.

Old Navy Credit Card AQs

This part of the article will look at some questions and try to provide a possible answer to each of the questions.

How do I Pay My ON Credit Card?

Payment of bills using your credit card is one of the main reasons for obtaining a credit card, Old Navy Cardholders pay their bills in various ways. You can make a payment via phone calls, or through the services of the online portals.

You can also choose to make an Old Navy payment on your Old Navy card or Old Navy Visa credit card by mail or by phone. Lastly, you can pay your bill via the mobile app, details of these methods are explained in the article.

Can I use an Old Navy Credit Card anywhere?

Wow, this is an amazing question. This card is linked to one of the major credit card networks, VISA. Yes, you can use your card in stores and anywhere a VISA card is accepted.

When using your Old Navy Visa Credit Card, you will be able to earn 5 points for every $1 spent at Gap Inc. brands in-store and online.

Is it hard to Get an ON Credit Card?

This question will be linked to your credit score, a good credit score will be an advantage to get this credit card. The credit score needed for the Old Navy Credit Card is around 700+.

This simply means you need a good credit score to get the approval of the card. People with a fair credit score may be considered as well, but your credit score must not less than 640 (fair credit) to have a decent chance of being approved for the Old Navy Store Card.

Is there an Annual Fee for Old Navy Credit Card?

No Annual Fee is required for this credit card. There is no annual fee with the Old Navy Visa card. The card is considered a zero annual fee-free credit card.

Exclusive Offers, throughout the year, cardholders may also get presale access to sales as well as other special offers.

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