ORCA Card Review, Benefits and How to Buy ORCA Smart Card

ORCA Smart Card

The ORCA Smart card is a contactless, stored-value smart card system for public transit in the Puget Sound region of Washington, United States.  ORCA is the short form of One Regional Card for All.

This smart card is valid on most transit systems in the Seattle metropolitan area, including Sound Transit, local bus agencies, Washington State Ferries, the King County Water Taxi, and Kitsap Fast Ferries.

ORCA Smart card was launched in 2009 and is managed by the Central Puget Sound Regional Fare Coordination Project, a board composed of local transit agencies.

Transferring is easy with an ORCA card. When you use the ORCA smart card to transfer between ORCA’s family transit services, your first-leg fare counts toward to the second leg of your trip.

If the second leg of your trip costs the same or less than your first, your transfer is free. If your second-leg fare costs more than your first, your ORCA Card will automatically deduct the difference from your E-purse balance. Transfer values expire two hours after you first tap your ORCA Card to begin your trip.

Benefits of Registering your ORCA Smart Card

Registering for this amazing smart card gives you amazing benefits in return. We will not waste our time, we will list or highlight the benefits of the ORCA card at once.

ORCA Smart Card

You will be able to personalized customer services. You will be able to call centre, you will be able to person

Balance Protection on ORCA Smart card.  You will be able to report your card lost, stolen or damaged and it will be blocked from use.

Set up Auto-Load, having an Auto-load means always having fare. If set up for a monthly pass, your new pass will be available the first time you tap to ride in the new month. If set up for E-purse, the amount you select will load to your E-purse when existing value is insufficient to cover the cost of your trip.

Buy a replacement card and have any valid passes and E-purse balance transferred automatically. Or transfer that balance to another one of your existing cards.

How to Buy an ORCA Smart Card

You must buy an ORCA smart card before you can enjoy it. ORCA cards will only cost $5. Adult customers can buy an ORCA card and load transportation value or passes onto existing cards purchased through the following means.

Customer Service Office

This card is available in stores, such as the RideStore or Everett Station. Adult, youth (ages 6 to 18), senior (ages 65+) and disabled Regional Reduced Fare Permit ORCA cards are available at these locations. Most forms of payment are accepted at customer service offices.

Ticket vending machines

Ticket machines are located at Everett Station (inside the building as well as on the train platform and just north of the Swift terminal), Mukilteo and Edmonds Sounder stations and at King Street and light rail stations in downtown Seattle.

Ticket machine purchases require cash, Visa or MasterCard, and only adult cards are sold at machines.


To buy PRCA smart card online, it requires a valid Visa or MasterCard. It will take up to 7 business days for your card to arrive through the mail.

If you are adding value to an existing card, it can take up to 24 hours for that value to appear on your card. An adult ORCA card costs $5 to purchase.

Buy ORCA Smart Card By phone

You can also buy this card through the phone call. Dial 1 888 988 6722 or TTY Relay 711 (1 888 889 6368). This process needs your valid credit card to make ORCA card through phone purchases. If you are adding value to an existing card, it can take up to 24 hours for that value to appear on your card.

Participating Retail Pass Outlets

Add value to an existing ORCA card or purchase a new adult card. Cash accepted, check with the retailer for other options.

By mail: ORCA Smart Card 

Mail purchases may be made with a check, credit card or money order.

Payment through ORCA Card

The payment is made through age limit, adult payment and youth payment process. The aged user pays a reduced fare and youth pay what is termed youth fare.

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To Pay a Reduced Fare

Seniors, ages 65 years and above, people with disabilities need to get a reduced fare ORCA card in person at a Customer Service Office.

Then need to bring proof of age or an Application for Regional Reduced Fare Permit for Senior and Disabled Persons.

Reduced fare ORCA cards are free, but replacement cards cost $3.

To Pay a Youth Fare: ORCA Smart Card 

Customers must provide proof of age and buy their first ORCA card by mail or in person at a Customer Service Office. A youth ORCA card costs $5 to purchase.

NOTE: Once you have your ORCA card, all customers can load a pass or E-purse value online, by mail, at an ORCA Customer Service Office or at a ticket vending machine. Cards last 3-5 years.

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