Improve Battery Life

Complete Guide to Improve Battery Life on any Smart Phone

Battery determines the extent to which you will enjoy your phone. A newly purchased phone will have long and durable battery. What I am saying in excess is that, you…

Save Data On Social Media Apps

Guide to Save Data on Social Media Apps you Use on your Smartphone

Data is the base of every action you take on Apps in phones or devices. If truly you want to enjoy the benefits of these apps, you must have data…

Block Ads In Android Apps

Block Ads in Android Apps using Lucky Patcher without Rooting

Ads is popular way which apps developer earn money, this is the reason they include ads in their apps which you download for free. Sometime this can be irritating, most…

Delete Sent Messages On Whatsapp

Complete Guide to Delete Sent Messages on WhatsApp on any Devices

For the past few years, users of WhatsApp find it hard to delete sent messages. But thanks for the new feature which enables users to delete sent messages on whatsApp….

Share Your Live Location On WhatsApp

Complete Guide to Share your Live Location on WhatsApp on your Devices

WhatsApp  is a child of Facebook, it is the latest of messaging Apps that added share your live location to its features aside the parent company (Facebook), messenger also has…

remove unwanted apps and duplicate photos

Remove Unwanted Apps And Duplicate Photos On Android Easily

Do you need to free space on your mobile device? Is you your device runs on low memory space thereby resulting to the low performance of your smart phone. If…

reduce mobile data usage when streaming music.

How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage When Streaming Music on your Android Devices

The rate at which music consume data usage is sometime unbearable, most especially when you have to stream music with lager size. Then this will surely increase amount of money…

Convert Whatsapp Voice Messages

Complete Guide to Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages into Text Messages

WhatsApp in one of the leading messaging apps widely used by millions of people across the world these days. They are various feature that you can enjoy from this app…

Hide Iphone X Notch

Complete Guide to Hide iphone X Notch from Home and Lock Screen

iPhone X design was perfect except for the notch. Don’t you like the notch? Worry not any more, you are not the only one facing this issue on iPhone X….

send uncompressed images on whatsApp

Easiest Guide to Send Uncompressed Images on WhatsApp with Full Quality

WhatsApp is one of the best ways to send videos, audio and images in different format to friend and family.  How will you feel when you sent or received low…

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