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Which Browsers Offer The Best Password Manager: Chrome Vs Firefox

By definition, password manager refer to a software app which is used to stored or saved and manage passwords which users use on various account on different sites for security purpose.

The password manager save the passwords in an encrypted format and provide secure access to all the password information with the help of a master password.

Now that you are familiar with what password manager is, it is time to identify which of these browsers (Chrome vs Firefox) offers you the best password manager opportunity.

How Password Manager Works On These Browsers


If you want to know how the manager work on Google chrome browser,Password Manager

Step 1 ====> Visit a website and enter a password while using Chrome

Step 2 ====> When you log in, Chrome will offer to save the password in its password manager.

Step 3 ====> If you do opt to save the password, Chrome will automatically enter it the next time you visit the site.

You can also view a list of your saved passwords from Chrome’s settings page.

Firefox MozillaPassword Manager

Step 1 ====> When you enter a password on a website on Firefox

Step 2 ====> Firefox will ask if you want it to remember your password.

Step 3 ====> If you choose to save your password, it will save the password on your computer.

When you visit the website again, Firefox will automatically fill in your saved password. You can also view your saved passwords from Firefox’s options window.

Security Level Of Password Manager On These Browsers (Chrome Vs Firefox)

The security level is on two ways, good and poor. It is good if you are using a private computer, that is, you are the only one having access to this computer. Everything you do on this computer will be private, due to this, it is secure and it is very good to use.

On the other side, this will expose your details on any public café, so beware how to use password manager on any of the browsers.

I will advice you don’t try to save your password on any public café as this will put threat on your account. On this side it is very poor and don’t try to use it on any condition.

 Chrome essentially encrypts your saved passwords with your Windows user account password. Anyone with access to your Windows user account can view your passwords. Firefox offers a master password to encrypt your passwords, but Chrome doesn’t.

Password Manager Supported Devices For Sync On The Browsers:

Chrome allows you to sync passwords to Chrome browsers on Windows desktop, Windows 8, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. Firefox Sync allows you to sync passwords with Firefox for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Firefox no longer offers the Firefox Home app for iOS, so you cannot access your synced passwords on iPhone, iPad, or even other devices like Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

Chrome offers more sync options, with the most important feature being the Chrome app for iPhone and iPad that allows users of Apple’s mobile devices to access their passwords.

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Finally On Password Manager

The password manager is convenient assuming you use Google chrome and Firefox on a PC or Android device, but you cannot access your Firefox passwords on iOS and other mobile operating systems.


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