Password Protect WhatsApp

How To Password Protect WhatsApp On Android Phone Or Tablet

Password protect whatsApp should be our priority on our devices. WhatsApp is one of the most popular and biggest messaging apps with over 1 billion active users on monthly basis. WhatsApp messaging app comes with amazing features which allowing users to communicate via chat, audio, voice and video calls. Though, that is not all. Users have the ability to share documents of all kinds such as, videos, photos, location and GIFs among others.  If you have used WhatsApp, then you already know that the app does not have a system of authenticating users once the app is launched.

What I am talking about is a system that includes one of the following – password, pin or pattern lock. Factually every users use this app as soon as you launched it on your phone.   Each time you do that, you are not to provide your log in details like some of the messaging Apps those.

As a result, this has placed users at the mercy of unauthorized users, anyone can just pick up your phone and start accessing your details on WhatsApp.

All one needs to do is steal or access your phone without your permission and they have a chance of accessing your chats, photos, videos and contacts on WhatsApp.

This article will guide you through the process of password protect whatsApp on your android phone or even your Tablet.

Why do you need to password protect whatsApp Account

Password protect whatsApp account using password is the best option if you don’t like using screen lock pattern. You ight have lock screen pattern on your phone, with this alone you WhatsApp conversations, photo even your videos might be exposed to friends and other if you do not password protect whatsApp account.

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Password Protect Whatsapp On Android Devices With Applock

I can say the only way WhatsApp developer are lagging behind is the inability to password protect whatsApp account without the help of the third party apps.

Though, hope is not totally lost ac these third party Apps work well in providing accurate security for your WhatsApp account. Now let begins:

Step 1: ===> Launch Google play store on your device to download an app called AppLock

Password Protect WhatsApp

Step 2: ===> Now it is right time to install the app you have just downloaded. You can as well install directly to your Android phone or Tablet from Google play by tapping the INSTALL.

Password Protect WhatsApp

Step 3: ===> What to do next is to launch the AppLock App on your Android phone

Step 4: ===> Next you will be prompted to draw Unlock Pattern, you will draw the same Pattern to confirm your previous one.


The unlock pattern you provided will be use to password protect whatsApp account on your devices (Android phone and Tablet)

You are not done yet, as the purpose is not to provide luck pattern.  This will lead us to the next step, so please keep reading.

Step 5: ===> Then, you will be provided with the option of providing a security email, provide a valid email address and tap save button to continue.

Password Protect WhatsApp

Step 6: ===> Next line of action is simple. You will be taken to the App’s home screen, since we are interested on WhatsApp. Scroll down and tap on WhatsApp from among the list of apps on your phone you want to protect.

Password Protect WhatsApp

Step 7: ===> Now you will see a pop up on your screen asking you to permit usage access to AppLock. Just do me the favour by tapping permit to have access to the next action.

Password Protect WhatsApp

Step 8: ===> The next screen provide usage access to AppLock by moving the toggle next to AppLock to ON position.

Password Protect WhatsApp


You have password protect whatsApp account successfully on your Android phones and Tablet. Now on, anyone trying to access WhatsApp on you Android Phone will be required to provide the unlock pattern you set in the above steps. If this article has helped you to protect your WhatsApp on your phone, please do share among your friends on the social media platform.

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