Complete Guide on PayPal Credit Card Payment, Create an Account and Login-in Guide

PayPal Credit Card Payment, Create an Account

PayPal Credit is a reusable credit line available on purchases at millions of stores that accept PayPal. Plus, it comes with the same security and flexibility you trust from PayPal. Meanwhile, this article will cover the PayPal credit card payment method. But before we move to details on this, we will run through the application process, login-in guide other related topics associated with PayPal credit card fees.

Payment services on PayPal is more convenient when you sell products from your blog or website. It also works well when you purchase goods and services for your business online. PayPal offers a special account type for business owners that enables you to send invoices to customers and accept payments on your website.

Create PayPal Credit Cards Account

Before you can do anything through PayPal, you need to have an account with the company. That is why we will run through the complete guide to creating your PayPal account.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the sign-up page on PayPal

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on Get Started in the PayPal for Business and Nonprofits box.

Step 3 ====> I will advise to read through the three business account offers by PayPal. Though the standard plan is free, this allows you to accept PayPal credit card payments on your blog.

Step 4 ====> Now you need to click on Apply Now of Get Started

Step 5 ====> On the new page, locate and click on Create a New account two times to open the sign-up form

Step 6 ====> Now select your business type such as individual or partnership

Step 7 ====> Now set up your login details, thereby enter your active email address and desire password.

Step 8 ====> Then, set up your security questions and provide answers. These questions are needed when you forget your password and needed to reset it

Step 9 ====> You are required to re-type the code shown in the image in the space provided and click on Continue Button

Step 10 ====> Now, you need to enter your name, this name will appear to your customers on the payment page. I suggest you make use of your business name if you like you may use your real name

Step 11 ====> Provide the date you established your business, enter your business URL if you have a website attached to your business.

Step 12 ====> Now you need to select your business category, provide the answer to questions on your average transaction amount and monthly payment volume.

Step 13 ====> Enter your details, these include your name, phone number and physical address.

Step 14 ====> Then click Agree and Continue to create your account.

Step 15 ====> Finally go to your email inbox and look for an email from PayPal, click the link in the email to return to the PayPal website and confirm your account.

Login PayPal Credit Card Online Account

You had just completed your application process on the PayPal account. Our next line of action is on how to login in to your account. Remember in the course of application, you set your login details (password and username). Here is the complete guide PayPal Account Login in Guide

Step 1 ====> You need to visit PayPal Website

Step 2 ====> On the site home page, locate the login button and click on it

Step 3 ====> Now enter you login details in the fields provides (email and password)

Step 4 ====> Enter your email address in the space provided and click on next button

Step 5 ====> Now enter your password in the space provided as well

PayPal Credit Card Payment, Create an Account

Step 6 ====> Finally, click on the login button to access your PayPal Credit Card Payment online account

Link Your Bank Account to you PayPal Account

Now, you have set up your PayPal account. You have created and able to login to your account. We want to link your bank account to your PayPal account. The process is very simple and easy to go about.

Step 1 ====> Login to your PayPal account as explained above

Step 2 ====> Go to your Profile at the top of the page and click on it

Step 3 ====> Now locate and click Update Bank Account.

Step 4 ====> Select your account type, such as checking or savings.

Step 5 ====> Now enter your account number and nine-digit routing number in the appropriate fields. Account numbers are usually up to 17 digits long. Look for the routing number on the left side of a check from your bank. Find the account number printed on the right side of the check.

Step 6 ====> Finally click Continue to link the account to your PayPal account.

PayPal Credit Cards Payment Methods

We are moving very fast on the topic called pay PayPal credit card. This aspect of the article will guide you through various ways to PayPal credit card payments. Here is the list of various means to make a payment through  PayPal credit card login-in

App Payment method

Mail Payment Method

Phone Payment Method

Online Payment Method

Make a PayPal Credit Card Payment through Mobil App

The first method to write on this article is the use of the mobile app to pay PayPal credit card. The process is very simple and easy to go about.

Step 1 ====> You need to download and install PayPal app from your mobile app stores

Step 2 ====> Launch the app on you mobile devices

Step 3 ====> Now tap Manage PayPal Credit in the PayPal app.

Step 4 ====> Tap on Make a Payment

Step 5 ====> You need to choose the amount of your payment.

Step 6 ====> Select a funding source for your payment.

Step 7 ====> Choose your payment date.

Step 8 ====> Finally, tap on Pay.

Make a Pay PayPal Credit Cards through Mail Method

You can bay you bill on PayPal via mail. The method is active and accepted, you only need to send your payment on time through the mail address below

PayPal Credit

P.O. Box 71202

Charlotte, NC 28272-1202

Make a PayPal Credit Cards Payment by Phone

You can make a PayPal payment over the phone at any time. To pay by phone, call the toll-free number on the back of your card. Have your PayPal credit card number handy, along with your bank account information. You’ll be directed to an automated system to pay your bill. Follow the prompts to schedule your phone payment.

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Make a PayPal Credit Cards Payment Online

Once you link your bank account to your PayPal account, online payment becomes easy. Here is the complete method to pay PayPal Credit Card online

Step 1 ====> You need to log into your PayPal account as explained above in the article

Step 2 ====> Now click on Make a Payment at left side of the page under PayPal Credit,

Step 3 ====> Choose the amount, method and date of your payment. In this section, you can choose whether you want to use your PayPal balance or your bank account to pay.

Step 4 ====> Then click Continue button

Step 5 ====> You need to review your payment details before you move further

Step 6 ====> Finally on this aspect, you need to click on Pay

NOTE:  Under the Make a Payment section, you can also set up PayPal automatic payments if you so desire. You can automatically pay either the minimum amount due every month or your full statement balance. Payments will come out of the confirmed bank account in your PayPal wallet.


We really want to thank you for reading through the write up on PayPal Credit Card Payment methods. In the article, we also run through the application process, login guide and various pay PayPal credit card which include online payment method, mail method and many more.

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