PicsArt Mod APK is Safe to Download

PicsArt Mod APK is Safe to Download

PicsArt is an app that makes it easy to go beyond the filter and take your photo editing to the next level. You can make amazing images, collages and drawings and share with friends. It is the one app that lets you be truly creative with its almost limitless features and it is starting a movement to help people go beyond the filter and make awesome pictures.

PicsArt app enables users to take and edit pictures, draw with layers, and share their images with the PicsArt community and on other networks like Facebook and Instagram.

The app is available on iOSAndroid, and Windows mobile devices. It is also available on PCs running Windows 8.1 or higher. The company has received more than $45 million in venture funding from Sequoia Capital, Insight Venture Partners, and others.

PicsArt was launched on Thursday January 2, 2012 on Android devices. It was founded by Hovhannes Avoyan and Artavazd Mehrabyan. The app was downloaded 35 million times during its first year. With 350 million+ installs and 85 million monthly users, PicsArt spans the globe and is available in over 30 languages. PicsArt app is your new playground.

In January 2014, PicsArt became available on devices supporting Windows 8. By March, the app reached 100 million installs on Android, 30 million active users, 60,000 images uploaded every day, and had a community of over 11 million users.

In June 2014, PicsArt was released for all Windows 8.1 PCs, devices, and tablets. When the app celebrated its three-year anniversary, it had 175 million installs, 50 million monthly users, and had 18.5 million users in the social network.

In 2015, the company launched an educational program on machine learning and data science in Armenia. Since then, more than 400 students have graduated the program and 50 of them were hired by the company.

Is PicsArt Safe to Be used By children?

Please do not let your children create a PicsArt account. You can let them use the actual photo editor, but do not let them participate in the social part of the app. There are a lot of people on their posting actual pictures of themselves nude and desperate horny men that want to comment on every selfie you post.

PicsArt has many great features and the possibilities are unlimited really. Picsart used to just be an editor without the social part to it. Now that you can create an account, upload your art/pictures, view other’s photos/edits/art, enter into contests to show off your talent and interact with people, some of these adults are not using it properly.

PicsArt is More Than Photo Editor

At first look, parents may think this app is just for editing photos but it has a social networking element that allows users to share their photos with an online community. Many users are sharing pornographic images of themselves or offering to share nude photos with other users via this app, Kik, and Snapchat.

While reviewing this app, we found minors sharing inappropriate images of themselves. We have also found adults following and communicating with these minors. This app allows search by username, hashtag, or image name, making it very easy to find inappropriate material. The commenting feature carries a risk of bullying, as well. Because of these risks, this app is not appropriate for minors to use.

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How to Create An Account on PicsArt via Android phone

 With new smart sign up/log in, you can create your account with just a few taps. When entering the app, your email will be shown automatically as an option for registration. However, if you want to create your PicsArt account with a different email address, you can always choose the None of the above option. Here are the simple and easy steps to set up your account on android Phone.

Step 1 ====> Open the app and type in your email address and your password

Step 2 ====> Tap on Register

Step 3 ====> Select at least three interests and tap on Done

Step 4 ====> Don’t forget to connect to your real friends and follow some amazing PicsArt artists

Step 5 ====> Tap on Done and you are ready to go.\ Download PicsArt Photo Studio for Android

Details of PicsArt Studio app

====> Total Downloads = 12865

====> Publisher = PicsArt

====> Licence model = Freeware

====> Language = English

====> Release date = 06/11/2019

You will get it from Google Play Store on your Android phone.

PicsArt Gold Photo Editor Mod Premium APK Download

PicsArt Mod is the most popular photo editing app with all the premium pro features for free, having over 700 million downloads, PicsArt is the chart-topper on Android store in category of editing.

With the app, you can edit and collage a pic on your mobile. Create great effects with the PicsArt Gold having a number of tools, effects, collage, free clipart library, animations, user-created stickers and drawing tools.

Today in this post I will provide you with a PicsArt Gold Modded APK for your Android with the features fully unlocked and updated. We do not endorse the App nor are we affiliated with it in any form. This post and the download link are for personal use only.

PicsArt Mod APK is Safe to Download

The App is not forked or coded but is actually a paid version which is hosted on the site, so there is no means of any 3rd party trackers or malware which could harness your privacy.

The file has been scanned using various anti-virus Apps like Shield, Norton, Avast, and AVG. The file is also tested on the emulator and TurstGo Ad Detector App for any malicious nature. And from our test, we can assure you that the App is Safe to Download.

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How to Download PicsArt Mod

Here are the simple steps to download and install PicsArt Mod APK Pro.

Step 1 ====> First of all, enable Unknown Sources on your device.

Step 2 ====> Download the file from the download links available.

Step 3 ====> Locate the file and install the App on your device.

Step 4 ====> Open the App, make all the necessary settings if prompted on the screen. Done! Enjoy KM for free.

Enable Unknown Sources to Install the PicsArt Mod

Step 1 ====> Now go to Settings on your Android device.

Step 2 ====> Here click on the option named Security.

Step 3 ====> Here, under Device administrator look for Unknown Sources.

Step 4 ====> Turn ON the Unkown Sources.

How to Install PicsArt Mod on PC

Though there is no standalone PicsArt Mobile App for PC. But you can install the app on your Windows and Mac PC. I will tell you how you can install the Mod on your system. Here are Simple Steps to Download and Install Kinemaster Mod on PC for Windows and Mac.

Step 1 ====> Download Emulator on your PC.

Step 2 ====> Install the Emulator, it will simulate an Android phone.

Step 3 ====> Now get the PicsArt Golf Mod from the link in this article.

Step 4 ====> Install the Mod app on the Emulator

Step 5 ====> Open the App make necessary settings if prompted on screen.

Done, you can use PicsArt app on the computer to create great edits.

How to use PicsArt App

The truth is that there is no secret behind how to use this enhancement tool for free. It works just like any other similar app.

Just take a photo or load one from your gallery, start exploring the different effects and filters available, preview the result, save your creation, and upload it to your networks.

It looks like a simple app, does not it? And it is, as well as being very complete and powerful, as it includes all these features and functions:

====> Basic editing tools such as merging, cropping and resizing images.

====> Apply as many filters and effects as you want. How many are there? Thousands.

====> Upload your creations to your usual social networks or the application’s own platform.

====> There you can follow other users, like photos, and discover nearby artists.

====> Edit any photo of your gallery or taken straight from the app.

====> Take part in daily photo enhancement challenges to prove your skills as an enhancer.

====> Create collages and mosaics to put together several photos.

====> Clipart with text fonts, emojis, and backgrounds for your images.

====> Magic effects based on the artificial intelligence of this software.

====> Official tutorials with tips and advice on how to use the application.

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PicsArt Photo Studio is a favorite photo editing tools, hundreds of millions of people around the world use. Not only powerful tools, support users to create more artistic and vivid images.

PicsArt Photo Studio is like a social network, a community of people who love taking photos and editing photos. Where you can share your pictures and see images of others.

Besides, PicsArt Photo can connect with Facebook, Gmail, and Instagram, let you share photos with your friends

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