6 Important Tips to Play Escape from Tarkov Well

Escape from Tarkov has undoubtedly won the hearts of many players in a short span. However, the game might be slightly complex and unfriendly to those who are new to the game. Also, if you are a veteran, there is always scope for improvement in the game. The purpose of this article is to give you some important tips to play Escape from Tarkov is a better way. Take a look at Escape from Tarkov hacks to learn more techniques to win this game.

Tips for Escape from Tarkov Well

1. Try to Play as a SCAV

In this game, SCAVs refer to scavengers that have gear with them that are built from your arsenal. However, you can’t play as SCAV’s all the time as they have a cool-down timer on them. 

However, you don’t have to worry about losing your gear here. The best part about these runs is that you will not be harmed by the AI SCAVs moving around on the map. Hence, you can quickly and safely roam around the areas of the map without worrying about anything.

2. Finish the Quests Tarkov Well

The objectives of quests are different from each other, but most of them are all about collecting specific items for traders or attacking other operators and killing them.

Although, these quests do come with some experience points. You can also get new trader loyalty levels which will let you buy more things and get access to others that demand the completion of a quest to get them.

3. Invest in Insurance

If you invest in insurance of your gear, you get the opportunity to gain it back if other players have not taken it from your body. You can either choose Prapor or Therapist. Prapor is inexpensive, but it takes some time to come back into your arsenal. 

The most significant difference between Prapor and therapist is time. The former will bring back your items after 24-36 hours, whereas the Therapist will do the work between 12-24 hours.

However, keep in mind that you have 72 hours in your hand to get back your things. Once you have your insurer, you only have a limited amount of time to get into action. 

One of the simplest ways to make sure that your gear is successfully bought back by insurance is to throw it in a ditch. Yes, you heard it right. Just throw it entirely on a bush as soon as you realize that you can’t come out of this raid alive. 

4. Keep a Check on your Limbs 

You hold a total of 435 health points, and all of them are spread between your head, thorax, stomach, legs, and arms. You will know which part is hurt and the amount of hurt by watching the colour they represent.

Grey represents that everything is fine, red shows that it is hurt and requires treatment, and black represents that it is a big problem. 

Even though you can achieve your health back with the help of a Medkit, but you will require bandages to prevent blood loss. But remember, if your limb becomes black, you will not be able to get it back in a traditional way. 

5. Know the Types of your Ammo

There are various types of Ammo, and you should learn about them. What you can do is to start to grips with the absolute simple ones by thoroughly inspecting all types of bullets and magazines that come to your lap. There are much Escape From Tarkov ammo guides that you can take a look at to learn about the best ammo types.

6. Use your Containers Smartly

Secure containers are the only place in this game where you can store your gear without any worry. You can be relaxed if your gears are in a safe place. If you keep something in a container, it will be there safely even after you get killed and looted in a raid.

These containers come in various ranges and sizes, depending on the version of the game. But what really matters here is what you choose to store in these containers, irrespective of the size and range. 

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Conclusion on Escape From Tarkov

That’s all! Hope this article helps you in polishing your gaming skills. Remember, consistency is the key. Make sure to practice this game on a regular basis to level up your game.

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