6 Useful Things We Wish We Knew Before Playing Apex Legends

Battle Royale games are usually tough because the competition is tough. Many players land on one map and battle for a set objective. The gun battles and confrontations are also deadlier because the bullets can fly from every angle or corner without notice (Playing Apex Legends).

This is what we find in Apex Legends. It features 20 squads of three players each in every match. Players can play with their friends as a squad or depend on the random matching system of the game. But it is usually better to play with familiar people to ensure smoother communication.

The playable characters are nineteen and mustn’t be selected twice in one squad. All these plus other mechanics of this game means that you must understand how it works before playing.

That is why we will share some of the things we could have learnt before playing this game. But first, we recommend you play with apex legends cheats to make things easier. But keep reading to learn more!

Everything we Should Have Known About Apex Legend

Before we play AL, we must have familiar with what we share in the article. These will guide and help in playing the game to the fullest. If you are not, then you are lucky because this will be covered in this article.

Do Not Ignore the Training Ground

One of the best things that can happen here is to utilize the Apex Legends training mode. That’s how you can understand more about the game.

For example, you can try out the weapons in different situations to know how they work and how you can use them well. Also, the training mode allows you to customize some settings, such as mouse sensitivity, to suit your playstyle.

Also, you can learn how to shoot at targets, both moving ones and static targets, which is not always the case.

Choosing the Right Legend is Crucial

There are 19 Legends in this game. But each one is unique in strength, weapon, and skills. Also, each Legend is different in the situations you can play them to get the best result.

That’s why you need to take a little time to match your Legend with your play style. That’s why it’s good to train and use the training mode before playing the main game.

That way, you can try different Legends until you identify your best fit. This is because if you can’t play the character you choose, you’ll put the whole squad in jeopardy.

Both Legends and Weapons Change

Another thing we wish to have known is that your best weapon in one season can become obsolete in another season. The same thing happens to the playable characters also.

The skills and abilities you admired so much in one season might not be the same in another season. That’s why you need to be smart in your choice of these two.

One season might emerge and change that favourite weapon of yours to something not significant. It might not be as powerful as it was before, and you might be confused about what to do.

Lifeline is Always Helpful

One of the times you don’t want to play without Lifeline is when reviving a teammate. With her ability to revive and fight, you can protect yourself when helping a fallen teammate.

With the speed at which she does the work and the personal shield which protects her during the process, she is the only character you will use for such challenges.

In addition, her skills are 25% faster than others when using healing items. So, learn more about her before playing.

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Many Players Go Solo Mid-Game

Usually, gamers play Apex Legends in squads of 3. This means that you’re not to spawn into the game alone. But shockingly, many gamers have been left to fight alone due to the wrong choices of teammates.

Some even leave the team to wander off on their own. So, don’t be shocked if this happens to you. But don’t be the one to leave your team. Instead, thinks of better ways to improve your contribution to the game.

Avoid the Blue Bacon on Apex legends

There is always a hot zone when the game starts, and you can notice it through the blue bacon light. Like the name indicates, the hot zone is where every player rushes to grab the best loot at the beginning of the game.

All the best weapons are found in the zone, and with such findings, you can play more competitively. But the problem is that other players know this too and will rush in to grab the loot.

As a result, the danger will be serious, and the fights will be deadly. So, think about your skills before rushing towards the light


Apex Legends is an action-packed video game. But if you want to win more with your squad, you need to know the important things that matter.

We have shared some of the above and also recommended the site for amazing tools for you. Use the information before your next match.

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