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Are u a student of the Pima Medical Institute and just want to access the online learning platform like Blackboard. Then, you may find this Guide to learn everything about the PMI Blackboard including the Login into it.  The below therefore, follow this Guide to get all the information about PMI Blackboard.

When you Joined and started into the PMI Blackboard then it is very important that having an account on the PMI Blackboard. As you have seen in the above you have already an idea about PMI or Pima Medical Institute and follow to full information

Now coming to the (PMI) Pima Medical Institute is one of the Largest and big Self-owned private allied health schools in the United States of America. The institute trains the students as allied health care professionals. All the campuses of the PMI have all over the USA. Bureau of Health Education Schools or ABHES has credited all the above educational Groups Nationally. The Nursing Assistant is the very first program that is introduced by the PMI or Pima.

About Pima Medical Institute

The article is about the PMI Blackboard login portal for the students and here you have to know more about Pima Medical Institute. PMI is a privately owned health school in the United States of America.

PMI is accredited by ABHES. Pima Medical Institute provides various associate, bachelor and certificate degree programs in healthcare and nursing.

All these courses are taught in both the traditional classroom method and online. PMI also provides practical exposure for medical practicing students for a better understanding. Now the section below is about the benefits of this portal. Please read the entire article for a better understanding.

PMI Blackboard

Pima Medical Institute provides an E-Learning platform which is PMI Blackboard. So Blackboard is a platform from where students of PMI can get maximum advantage. This portal can be accessed by the students of Pima Medical institute only. There are a number of benefits it provides. So below we will put out some points of the features of Blackboard. The following are the features:

====> Students can use this portal to communicate with the faculties and official people of the institute.

====> Once you have logged in, you can get your course material through this.

====> You can also submit assignments and give online tests on PMI Blackboard.

====> The portal also provides you access to your attendance and other updates from the institute.

====> You can check your academic progress here as well.

Blackboard Login Requirements

Now here you have to be a Pima Students and this is a very first quality thing. Because when the security concern the PMI Blackboard has strict rules. So there are some requirements which you can easily get into the Blackboard login.

====> You should have an email that has an extension with

====> Have a User name provided by the Pima Medical Institute.

====> You have to be a Student at PMI.

====> Finally, have a Password for the user name that you have.

Still, if you are confused about the User name and Password of the PMI then do check the below Guide to know about those things easily. But, these are the two Primary things where you need to have for Login into the PMI BlackBoard Login.

Know Username and Password

As most of the students know you will get the User name Password from the related department. Once you get these Login credentials you have to Keep it them carefully. But if you have not done and misplaced those then here you can easily get to know. The PMI has a solution for this on the Student PMI BlackBoard Login Direction Page.

PMI Blackboard Login Portal for the Students of Pima Medical Institute

====> So as you have seen in the above picture, the username is the combination of the First Initial + Last Name + Birth Month + Last 3 digits of SSN or Social Security Number.

For instance: If your name and the birth month are Goodness Jasper May 452 then your Username will be Gjasper5452.

====> Now coming to the Password this is also very easy to remember and you will simply remember it once you know it. It is an 8 Digit of your birth date.

For instance: If your Date of birth is May 22th, 1987 then the password is 05221987.

PMI Blackboard Login Explanation

The PMI Blackboard login portal is only meant for the students of Pima Medical Institute. So you can only access Blackboard if your email has an extension of ‘’. After your username. You can either visit the official page.

You will be given three options, select the problem you are facing. So, for now, you are a new user and you select getting started with Blackboard. Clicking on that would give you a video instruction page where it is explained in detail. Create your username with the college ID given and access your account on the portal.

Now if you have already generated your username and password, all you need to do is simply log in. We have explained the step by step process below. You can click here for the direct link to the login page of PMI.

PMI Blackboard Login Procedure

PMIBlackboard Login Portal for the Students of Pima Medical Institute

Step 1 ====> Initially, head to the official login page for Pima Medical Institute Blackboard

Step 2 ====> Then, enter your Username in the input box provided beside Username label.

Step 3 ====> Next, enter the 8-digit password provided.

Step 4 ====> And, click the Login button.

Step 5 ====> Finally, you have logged into the blackboard dashboard successfully.

Forgot PMI Blackboard Password

Not a big deal, it happens many a time with students. You might need to recover your password if you changed it after getting the default password. The default password stays the same 8-digit birth date of yours, which is vulnerable to unauthorized access. Therefore, you change the password but remembering it along with too many other things in life is a tough job.

Steps to Recover the Password

Although students have good memory skills, they tend to forget or misplace the passwords. Follow these steps to get the password for PMI Blackboard recovered.

PMIBlackboard Login Portal for the Students of Pima Medical Institute

Step 1 ====> Open the PMI Login Page mentioned above.

Step 2 ====> Click the Forgot Password option there besides Sign In button.

Step 3 ====> Or simply go to the Forgot Password page of Pima Medical Institute

Step 4 ====> And do the needful to get your password recovered.

The above steps explain how to navigate yourself to the lost password page. The page consists of two option

====> Recover using Username

====> Recover using E-mail.

There, you will have to enter your First Name, Last Name & Username/Email into the fields provided.

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When you log in into the PMI Blackboard you might face some issues where you can easily solve then on your own. When you face some issues like server down and other connectivity problems then you need to consider that you have to have a better and speed internet connection. So you can also check the other issues which we have listed below and also solve them following the same guide.

====> First thing is that you have to check your Internet connection. If there are any issues with the internet then first fix that issue and reconnecting it.

====> Try to Reboot your Router.

====> Then if there are any issues on the Login page then reload it and close that window and open it in a New Window.

====> Lastly, as we have discussed check the User name and password.

Now you will definitely get rid of the issues by following the above steps but still, if you face any issues then do let us know in the comment section below.


This is all about the PMI Blackboard login portal from our side. We sincerely hope that this article could be of help to you. Let us brief you about what we discussed here today. We started this article to help students at PMI with their online portal PMI Blackboard. So we started with the benefits of this portal.

Going on further, we explained the log in process of blackboard and also the lost password cases. If this was helpful to you do share it with your friends at the same institute. And if we happen to miss out on anything, do let us know in the comments below. Thank you for reading this. You can read more from us here.

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