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How to Prevent Criminals from Stealing Your Phone Number

Your phone number serve a lot of purpose for you, it serves more than calling and receiving. Almost everything you do in live are connected to your phone number. These including your bank account details, your social media activities and lot more. If eventually, criminals stealing your phone number, then they have access to everything you do with the number. That is why this article will be dealing with how to prevent criminals from stealing your phone number

You might be wonder, how someone will steal your phone number while your phone is not missing. The SIM is well placed or inserted to the phone slot. How are they going to steal mine phone number?

These people are scammer, they know how to stealing your phone number without taken your SIM or phone from you. It left for you to be vigilant enough to know what to do in other to save keep your phone number.

They will then receive security codes sent via SMS on their phone, helping them gain access to your bank account and other secure services.

The criminal, pretending to be you, has your phone service cancelled. They then buy a new device from a different phone carrier but keep your phone number

The next step: they go to your bank’s website and enter your username, for some banks it’s your email address. The con artist then requests a new password. The bank sends that new password request to your phone with a text. But since the criminal now has your phone number, it goes directly to them. With the new password, they can log on and drain your account.

The story above is what happened when they stole you phone number. More havoc could happen in future if action is not taken on time.

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What Is The Scam?

Criminals find out your phone number and as much information as they can about you. They then contact your mobile phone company – or one of the many stores that are authorized by mobile service providers to make service changes and report, as if they were you, that your phone was stolen and ask that the number be transferred to another device. Now you know what scam is, and how they stole your phone number. Then let go to the next possible question.

Why Do Criminals Like This Scamming of a Thing?

I think is because it works for them, so if they can steal your number, it does not matter how much security software you have on your phone. They will surely gain access to your texts, calls and everything you do with your phone.

It does not matter if you use an iPhone or Android or something else – stealing your number circumvents not only the security on your device, but also the second factor authentication texts that are so commonly used for improved security by banks, social media companies, Google, etc.

They can also send texts as you, likely allowing them to scam some of your friends and relatives into installing malware by sending some link to be clicked, or even into sending them money to deal with an emergency condition.

How To Prevent Criminals From Stealing Your Phone Number

You can save keep you phone number from scammers through the following action. If you follow what you are about to read on how to prevent your phone number from theft, then you need to read through as this will help you out.

Use Security Software on your Mobile Device and Computers

In addition to trying to steal your phone number, criminals may try to get malware onto your device to get the files that are on it, and to wreck all sorts of other havoc.

Malware could also let them steal your passwords – so that they can undermine both factors of authentication at banks, etc. Make you your device is secure.

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Do Not Share your Mobile Number on Social Media

It is obviously much harder for criminals to steal your phone number if they do not know it. Keep in mind that social media often contains information that criminals can use to impersonate you, If you share your mobile number there it creates what I will call one stop shop for opportunistic criminals to get the information that they need.

Criminals know this, and monitor social media accounts where people are likely to share numbers, such as the Twitter accounts of mobile service providers. So on final note, do not send them your phone number in a public directed tweet.

Use Strong Passwords

All SMS-based second factor authentications goes out the door if your phone number is controlled by criminals, so make sure your passwords to important systems like email, social media platforms, and online banking are strong.

Call your Mobile Phone Company

 If your phone suddenly switches to emergency call service only or something similar. That is exactly what happens when your phone number has been transferred to another phone

Password Protect your Mobile Account

Some mobile providers allow you to create a password that must be entered by anyone seeking to make any changes to your account – including for a SIM Swamp. Create such a password. We recommend making sure you have a secure PIN set with your cellular carrier. This PIN will be required when porting your phone number. Many cellular carriers previously just used the last four digits of your social security number as a PIN, which made port out scams much easier to pull off.


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