How to print pictures from phone

Print Pictures: How to print pictures from phone

Photo is one of the best ways to look back to our memories, the time we spent in schools, amazing thing we do in park. Beautiful photos we took from different parties we attended. Most of the time, we use ore smatphone to capture those amazing pictures. Now the question is, can I print pictures from phone?

From my point of view, the answer is yes, you can print out those photos stored inform of digital materials in your phone. But with the hassle of complicated printers or making a special trip to the store, too often we leave hundreds of photos saved in our smart phone.

To a certain extent, improvements in smartphone camera technology have killed the need for a compact camera. That is great news for us consumers, because it is one fewer gadget to buy and carry, but what about prints?

It is great to be able to email photos straight from your phone or share on social media sites but, call us sentimental if you like. You just can’t beat having your most memorable moments immortalized in physical, papery form.

You don’t need any fancy hardware to print pictures from phone. You could use your own photo printer, but that is not even an ideal solution.  If you just want to print the occasional photo, just pay per-print. Now let look at the different ways you can print pictures from phone.

How to Print Pictures from Phone Via Home Printer

With the appropriate printer in your home, you can print pictures from phone without any problem. On the other hand, this is not best solution unless you have to print lot of photos from your phone on regular basis. This aspect of printing pictures from phone comes with some negative effect like a dedicated photo printer with high-quality photo paper. You need colour printer to complement the printing process. That is why, we will not really recommend this system to print photos from phone.

How to Print Pictures from Phone Via Apps

If you just want the print out the occasional few photos, you might want to forget using your own printer. You won’t need to buy and maintain a printer, keep printer ink stocked up and fresh, or buy premium photo paper. So, while you are paying for each print, this will be cheaper for printing the occasional important photo.

FreePrints (Free: Android)

How to print pictures from phone

Need to get those pictures of your favorite vacation off your phone so you can preserve those priceless memories? FreePrints will help you cover your refrigerator in no time! Using your smartphone or tablet, you can print free 4×6 photos and select from glossy or matte finishes.

FreePrints offers over 1,000 free 4×6 prints per year, and larger sizes are available for the most important memories at a very affordable price.

Shutterfly (Free for Android and iOS)

How to print pictures from phoneEveryone loves a print of their photos. But what if you could put your favorite picture of your dog on a pillow for your living room? Or how about pictures of the kids on a coffee mug for the perfect birthday gift for Mom and Dad? Shutterfly is here to save the day and give you all your photo printing options from traditional photo prints to more unique photo gifts for every occasion.


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Cloud Print

How to print pictures from phone

Cloud Print is the official Android app and, while there’s no direct replacement for iOS, you can use the PrintCentral Pro app, which enables you to print to a number of services, including Google Cloud Print.

One of the features we love on Google Cloud Print is that it facilitates letting others access your printer, imagine coming to home to a lovely print of your weekend away that a friend has sent to your printer.


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