Complete Guide to Recover Data from Android Internal Storage

How to Recover Data From Android Internal Storage

Android smart phone has become part of our daily life since invented. If you do take note of wonderful functions of your Android smartphone, you will realize that is more than just calling and receiving text messages. Most of the time, Android internal storage is the store house of most of our work.

Some of what you saved on your Android internal storage are the amazing pictures you took on your special occasion, some important files you don’t want to take along in the form of hard copy. Sometime you keep some vital downloaded document on the internal memory of your Android smart phone.

Now, what will you do? If suddenly, these amazing documents just disappear on your Android phone. First and foremost, you will be worried, then think of what to do. Then you will surely arrived at this question.  How do I recover my lost data from Android internal storage or memory?

Congratulation, you will surly get back what disappear from your Android smart phone. You need to do me a favour, if you want to get back your vital document. The favour is that, you keep reading on as you will get the details on how to recover missed data from any Android internal storage or memory as the name implies.

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How to Recover Data From Android Internal Storage

The best way to recover deleted data from active Android phone is the using of phone recovery software, there are various apps to perform this task. But in the article we shall be using FoneDog Android Data Recovery. Follow the steps bellow to get back your lost data from your Android smart phone.

Step 1 ====> Run the program on your computer. Then follow the link above to download and install on your computer. Now you need to connect your Android phone to your computer via USB.

How to Recover Data From Android Internal Storage

Step 2 ====> You need to enable USB debugging on your smart phone. If you have done that before, move straight to the next step. But if the other way round, here are the steps to enable USB debugging on your Android smart phone.

How to Recover Data From Android Internal Storage

====> Select Settings from your phone

====> Then click About Phone (getting this varies from phone to phone)

====> Now click Build Number repeatedly until a prompt saying “You are under developer mode” comes out.

====> Now you are to go back to Settings

====> Now select Developer options

====> Click USB debugging

====> To confirm USB debugging, click OK on Android Recovery Software and OK on your device.

Step 3 ====> Now it is time to select type of file you want to scan from the internal storage of your device. These includes, Contacts, Call Logs, Gallery, Picture, Messages, Audio, Videos, Library, Documents and even WhatsApp Messages and Attachments. Tick the boxes of files you want to be retrieved, and then hit Next to start scanning.

How to Recover Data From Android Internal Storage

Step 4 ====> Upon the completion of the scanning process, the interface will show you all applicable files that were found on your device (Android internal storage).

On the left tab, you will see the file categories and the number of files found per category. Click on one category at a time. The right tab will show you a preview of the files.

Step 5 ====> Based on the preview, tick on the boxes of items you wish to recover. Select Recover to download the files.

How to Recover Data From Android Internal Storage

When recovery is complete, the device should be safely removed from Windows (Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media) and USB Debugging mode should be turned OFF on the phone.

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