Complete Guide to Recover Deleted Files on Android Smartphone

Recover Deleted Files

What are the purposes of your Android smart phone? It is for making calls, surf the internet so as to connect to the world. Is it for music alone and other stuff? On my own case, my Android devices serve more purpose than the one mentioned above. Mainly, I used my phone to keep or save important documents. These documents are very important that I go out with then every day. If suddenly, you deleted these files, what will you do. From my own opinion, you will try to recover deleted files on your Android device.

Now that you have clue to what to do next, ie recover lost files or data as stated above. The question now is, how am I going to recover deleted files on my Android smart phone.

The fact is, recovering deleted or lost files are not inbuilt with your Android phone. Don’t panic, you might still have access to your lost files on your Android phone. To achieve this, you have to install any of the apps on this article on your Android smart phone. Therefore, let quickly go into the details of recover deleted files on Android phones

How To Recover Deleted Files On Android

Now that you have idea about what you want to do. Here are some of the best apps that let you recover lost files or data on your Android phone.

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Recover Deleted Data From Android Using Android Recovering Tool

Step 1 ====> Download, install and install the program on your computer. Run the program on your computer and select Android Data Recovery option

Step 2 ====> Connect your Android device to your computer via a USB cable.

Recover Deleted Files

Step 3 ====> Enable USB debugging on your Android phone. Here you have three ways to do it according to different Android operating system version:

Android 2.3 or earlier:

====> Go to settings

====> Click  Applications

====> Click Development

====> Check USB debugging

Android 3.0 to 4.1

====> Go to settings

====> Click Developer options

====> Finally check USB debugging

 Android 4.2 or newer

Recover Deleted Files

====> Go to settings as usual

====> Click About Phone

====> Tap Build number for several times until getting a note “You are under developer mode”

====> Then back to Settings again

====> Click Developer options

====> Finally check USB debugging

Step 4 ====> Start scanning your Android for lost data. Once you enabling USB debugging for your Android, it will be detected by the program. Select the type of files you want to recover, then click on the green button “Next” to analyze your Android data.

Recover Deleted Files

Step 5 ====> When you see the window below, you should move to your Android device again, tap on the Allow image, then turn back to the computer and click on the Start button to continue.

Recover Deleted Files

Step 6====> Preview and restore data from Android phone. This program enables you to recover text messages, contacts, pictures and videos from your Android device. But you can only preview messages, contacts and photos now. You can check and choose those you want and click “Recover” button to save them to your computer.

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Recover Deleted Files On Android Using MobiKin Doctor for Android

This is fast and easy way to recover lost data on Android. You will just need to follow a few simple steps and you will have your phone numbers, email addresses, messages, holiday photos, music and much more back in your hands.

Step 1 ====> Download and install MobiKin Doctor for Android on your computer

Step 2 ====> Now connect your phone to your computer. MobiKin then will need access to your Android phone.

Recover Deleted Files

Step 3 ====> MobiKin will have recognized your device. You then decide what type of data you want to recover

Recover Deleted Files

Step 4 ====> After few seconds, say 30 seconds (this may vary slightly), your lost or deleted data will appear on the screen.

Recover Deleted Files

Step 5 ====> And the recovery takes next to no time. Press the button, and the data you have chosen can be saved on your PC.

Recover Deleted Files

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