How to Recover Facebook Password Without Confirmation Reset Code On Mobile Phone

Have you forgotten your Facebook Password? Or you are facing challenges accessing your Facbook account. Then this article is for you, as it will guide you through the easy steps to recover your Facebook Password and regain access to your account.

Losing access to your Facebook account due to a forgotten password can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, Facebook provides a streamlined process for users to recover their passwords and regain access to their accounts.

Once again, in this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of recovering your Facebook password, ensuring that you can get back, connecting with friends, sharing memories, and staying updated.

Various ways or Methods to Recover Facebook Account Password

As we all know that Facebook is one of the world leading social media platform, it therefore provide various ways to recover Facebook Password. Therefore, this part of the article will covers different ways to recover your Facebook account password.

Reset Facebook Password From the Facebook App

Below are instructions on how to retrieve your account if you use Facebook on an iOS or Android device.

Step 1 ====> You need to download Facebook app on your mobile device(s)

Step 2 ====> Select Forgot Password from the login screen for Facebook.

Step 3 ====> Now enter a name, username, email address, or phone number in the space provided.

Step 4 ====> Depending on your choices, choose Confirm via Email or Confirm via Text, and then tap Continue.

Step 5 ====> Enter the code for password reset.

Step 6 ====> Choose Tap Continue after selecting Keep me logged in or Log me out of other devices.

Step 7 ====> Enter new password, tap Continue to continue.

Step 8 ====> Now you’re back in your Facebook profile.

That is so simple, you might be able access your account using this easy steps. On the other hand, if not, then you need to move to the nest process to your facebook account.

How to Reset Facebook Password on the Desktop

To make it simple to access Facebook on desktops, many users choose to keep their accounts logged in.

However, if you unintentionally log out, you can forget your password. Facebook doesn’t know your password, so you can’t get it back, but you can recover facebook password it.

In this part of the article, we guide you to reset your Facebook account password using your desktop browser as follows:

Step 1 ====> Facebook may be able to help you out by showing you Recent Logins if you’re using a device that has recently signed into your account. Select your account profile if it appears to automatically log you into your account.

Step 2 ====> Go to the Facebook Find Your Account page if you’re using a new device or if Facebook can’t recall your last login.

NOTE: You can also choose Forgot Password on the Login Screen.

Step 3 ====> Enter your username, email address, phone number, or complete name. Select Search next.

Step 4 ====> Choose how you wish to get your password reset code if Facebook discovers a match for your phone number or email address, then click Continue.

Step 5 ====> Facebook displays results that match a name you typed in the search field. If you can see your profile picture, click This Is My Account; otherwise, click I Am Not in This List.

Step 6 ====> Select Continue after deciding how you wish to get the password reset code if you chose your account.

Step 7 ====> Facebook cannot confirm your identity if you find your account but do not have access to the phone number and email you created.

Step 8 ====> Enter the security code you were given and choose Continue if you were able to locate your account and choose how you wanted to get your reset code.

Step 9 ====> Change your password here, then click Continue. Your password change was successful.

Step 10 ====> If someone else has access to your previous password, Facebook will prompt you to log out of other devices. Choose Stay logged in or Log out of other devices, then click Continue.

That is all, you might be able to reset your Facebook using this process. If not, then don’t worry keep reading as we have another method to get back your account.

Recovering Your Password With Trusted Contacts

In this part of the article on our quest to recover Facebook Password without you receiving confirmation reset code. Here, you a trusted friends on your contact.

So, to get this done, you need to carefully follow the step by step procedure in this part of the article.

Step 1 ====> Download Facebook app on your device

Step 2 ====> Tap the Facebook app icon to open it

You can use message sent to trust friends you added to your account to log back into Facebook without entering your email address if you have added Trusted Contacts to your account.

The 3-5 Facebook friends you individually chose as Trusted Contacts will aid in regaining access to your account. These friends would have been added through your security settings or by clicking a link in a Facebook suggestion.

Step 3 ====> Tap on forget password link or button

Step 4 ====> On the new page, in the search bar enter your full name, phone number, or email address and tap on the search button

Step 5 ====> Select your Facebook profile: You will then be taken to the “Confirm Your Account” screen, where you can choose how to regain access to your account.

Step 6 ====> On the next page, you need to tap on No longer have access to these?

If one of the contact options is still available to you (for example, your phone number or a different email address), press it to receive a code that enables you to log back in.

You won’t be able to move on if you haven’t established Trusted Contacts and you don’t have access to one of the contact options.

Step 7 ====> In the space provided, enter a phone number or email address and tap on the continue button.  Any phone number or email address that you have access to can be used as this.

Step 8 ====> Now, you need to tap on the button that says Reveal My Trusted Contacts.

Step 9 ====> Enter your trusted Contact’s details (full name) in the field provided. You should use the name that individual uses on Facebook when you write it in. As soon as the name is approved, a URL that you must provide to the contact will appear on the screen.

NOTE: Contact the person to ask for their name’s correct spelling if you are unsure.

Step 10 ====> Copy the recovery link: Tap and hold the link until a menu opens, then select Copy to complete the action.

Step 11 ====> Send the link to the Trusted Contact: You can send this link through various ways such as WhatsApp, telegram and email address.

Step 12 ====> Ask your trusted contact for recovery code: Once they click on the link, code will be sent to their phone number.

Step 13 ====> Finally you need to setup a new password. To re-enter the site, enter the recovery code. You will regain access to Facebook once the code is accepted.

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How to Recover Your Password via SMS

This part of the article will guide you recovering your lost Facbook using your phone number. In other to achieve this, carefully follow the steps in this part of the article.

Step 1 ====> Make sure you utilizing an iPhone or iPad that you have previously used to successfully log into Facebook.

Step 2 ====> Go to in your browser once it is open.

Step 3 ====> Type in the phone number connected to your account. You will get SMS recovery code if you have access to the phone number connected to your Facebook account.

Step 4 ====> Now enter the code (6-digit) in the space provided and tap on the continue button

Step 5 ====> Make sure you typed it correctly, you must enter it twice in the space provided. You can return to Facebook using this password after it has been approved.

Step 6 ====> When you have your account back in your control, update your profile with a valid email address to make it simpler to access it in the future.

Conclusion on Recover Facebook Password

Losing access to your Facebook account due to a forgotten password doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal.

By following the step-by-step process outlined in this guide, you can efficiently recover Facebook password and regain control of your account.

Remember to take proactive measures, such as using a password manager and enabling two-factor authentication, to enhance the security of your Facebook account and prevent future password-related issues.

Stay connected, share moments, and enjoy a seamless Facebook experience once again.

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  3. My account was hacked, so please can you help me?

  4. The best option here changing your account password. Creating a strong password will keep you off the problem. I will also advise stopping accessing your account of public wifi or friend device. If you must at all, access your account through the private mode on the browsers. Doing this, your password will not be stored or saved on the browser any longer. Click here to change your password, If you have forgotten your password, you may follow this steps to reset it

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