Reflex Credit Card Review, Login Process, Application Guide, and Payment Methods

Reflex Credit Card Review

The Reflex Credit Card is for people having financial challenging situation thereby helping them to get out of the mess. There are a few expenses that you have to be aware of getting this card.

Clients with a Reflex MasterCard can make use of the Reflex credit card login at the official website by visiting reflexcardinfo to test their credit card balance, view statements, and make online payments.

Reflex Card Key Information

====> Annual Fee: $75 – $99

====> Monthly Fee: $0 1st year, up to $10 after. Waived for those with a $750 Credit Limit

====> Regular APR: 25.9% – 29.99% (Variable)

====> Rewards: None

====> Min. Credit Score: Bad

====> Card Network: MasterCard

====> Card Issuer: Celtic Bank

====> Customer Service Number: 866 449 4514

====> How to Apply: Online, after prequalification

Who Should Apply for the Reflex Credit Card?

The Reflex MasterCard is best suited to those who can’t qualify for a traditional credit card. If your credit score is very poor, the Reflex card can be a good rebuilding tool as long as you take steps to avoid incurring interest.

While the card’s fees are high, it might be the only option if your score is holding you back. Five factors determine your credit score, with your payment history making up 35 per cent of your total score.

Generally, anything between 300 and 649 is considered a bad score. However, a score that falls below 580 will severely limit your options for getting a credit card on good terms.

Having bad credit can make it tough to find a credit card. Although the Reflex MasterCard fees and APR are on the high end, this is generally to be expected with a secured credit card.

Pros and Cons of Reflex Credit Card

Though, this credit card is of good help to those with a poor credit score. But we are very sure of its pros and cons. In other not to cut you unaware, we need to run through the good and bad of the Reflex MasterCard. This will enhance your determination for applying for a Reflex credit card.

Pros of Reflex MasterCard

Without wasting our time, we will run through the pros of this credit, so that you will be familiar with many things about.

====> You will enjoy a satisfactory credit limit of $500 on this credit card

====> Increasing Card limit is what you have been waiting for, though this will take about 12 months to get the credit card limit. So, create a favourable situation for yourself while proving yourself to be worthy of the same with intelligent financial moves.

====> On your Reflex MasterCard, you will get monthly reports to three prominent credit bureaus for indirectly giving you favourable marketing exposure

====> As mentioned above, this credit card helps you to improve credit score, if you use sensibly without any temptations

Cons of Reflex Credit Card

We have just listed out the pros of this credit card, we will not end at that points. We move to the pros of using a Reflex MasterCard Credit card.

There are certain charges which as a whole, literally becomes too high for someone in need of money, in the first case

Various charges associated with this bank. There is a natural expectation for users from a card which proves to financially strengthen the conditions, but many believe that owning the card comes at a certain cost.

Although, it has a credit limit of $500, yet you will find there are various charges being levied which substantially lowers the limit.

Reflex Credit Card Feature

This credit card has an amazing feature, these features are listed bellow

====> You will be charged an additional card fee of about $30 while using this credit card

====> No monthly preservation prices for the primary 12 months and $10 a months

====> On this credit card, you are required to have an annual percentage rate of 30.49%

====> This credit card comes with basic restriction of $500

====> The annual charge for this credit is about $125 for the first year and $96 from the second year

Action on Reflex MasterCard

What can you do when you log-in to your account? Once you are able to access your online account, you will be able to perform the following task. Login to Reflex MasterCard online account will give rooms for:

====> You will be able to view your credit card data

====> You will be able to change your secret information

====> You will be able to make a payment on your online account

====> You will be able to view online transaction

====> You will be able to view your account briefing

Apply for Reflex Credit Card

If you would like, after all, to apply for this credit card, you should complete a simple online application process.

Unlike some credit cards for customers with low credit (which cannot be applied for until receiving an invitation offer), you can freely apply for this card. Here, we will disclose how to apply for Reflex MasterCard step by step.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official application page on the website or click here to access the application page

Step 2 ====> On the page, scroll down until you see Reflex MasterCard on the page

Reflex MasterCard Review

Step 3 ====> Once you see that, click on the Apply Now button

Step 4 ====> You will be redirected to application form page

Step 5 ====> Enter your name in the space provided

Step 6 ====> Provide your address in the space provided, these include home address, city, state and zip code

Step 7 ====> Move on to add your email address, Social Security Number, your total monthly income in the space provided

Step 8 ====> Now choose your primary source of income

Step 9 ====> In addition, enter your phone number in the space provided

Step 10 ====> Date of Birth and other option on the form

Step 11 ====> Finally, click on the See My Card Offer to complete the Reflex Credit Card application process.

Once you are able to complete the steps above, you have just successfully applied for Reflex MasterCard.

Reflex Credit Card Login Guide

If you already have this credit card, you may manage it online anytime. But for that, you will have to sign in to your card account each time you will want to do that. In this part of the article, we will show you how to make a Reflex MasterCard login step by step.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official login page on the website or click Reflex Credit Card

Step 2 ====> On the page, you need to locate and click on the Login Button

Step 3 ====> Once you click on the button, you will see the login form.

Step 4 ====> On the space provided, enter your login details which are your username and password respectively.

Reflex Credit Card Review

Step 5 ====> Finally on this part, click on the Login to My Account button to complete the process

NOTE: Once you entered the correct login details, you will be able to access your Reflex Credit Card online account.

How do I Activate My Reflex MasterCard?

Once you have your credit card, it remains useless unless you activate it. This aspect of the article will run through the Reflex card activation process. This process is very simple and easy to go about, here we go:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official login page on the website or copy and paste on your browser

Step 2 ====> On the page, you need to locate and click on the Activate My Card. You may as well access this button on the login page just below the Login button.

Reflex Credit MasterCard Review

Step 3 ====> On the page, you need to enter some details in the field provided, these include the last 4-Digit of your credit card, Last 4-digit on your Social Security Number and 5-Digit Zip Code.

Step 4 ====> Finally here, click Activate My Card button

Now that you have provided the required details, your card should be activated.

How do I pay My Reflex Credit Card?

The best you could enjoy from any credit card is the ability to make a payment through such credit card. Reflex credit card is not excluded in this matter, here this part of the article will run through various ways to make payments on Reflex Credit Card. As of the present time, there are three common ways how you can pay your Reflex card.

The online payment method

The mail payment method

The phone payment method

The Online Payment Method

First of all, you can pay your Reflex MasterCard online, this is the most convenient way to make a payment through this credit card.

Step 1 ====> Therefore to make a payment through the method, you should be able to login to your account as explained above in the article.

Step 2 ====> Then, you may select Make Payment

Step 3 ====> Now follow the on-screen instruction to pay your credit card from there.

The Mail Payment Method

After all, you may decide to send your payment by mail. When you decide to do so, you may use the following address:

Reflex Card P.O.

Box 6812

Carol Stream, IL 60197-6812

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The Phone Payment Method

Not only online mean will solve the issue of payment on Reflex MasterCard, but you will also achieve the same purpose through the use of phone number.

Step 1 ====> For that, you should call 1 800 518 6142 on your phone

Step 2 ====> Thereby asks the operator to pay your credit card.

Step 3 ====> Then, follow simple instructions to make your payment through this mean.

NOTE: However, keep in mind that you might be charged a fee for this service.

Some Questions and Answer on Reflex MasterCard

Some many questions have been moving around about Reflex Card, these questions guide the user to what, how and when to use this amazing credit card. This part of the article will cover some of the questions

What is the Annual Fees for Reflex Credit Card?

The annual fee is $75 to $99. However, the card charges other fees, such as a monthly maintenance fee after the first year. These fees are considered too high, you may opt-out of the credit card

Does Reflex Credit Card Give Increase?

Yes, absolutely yes. At first, the Reflex MasterCard offers new cardholders an initial credit limit between $300 and $750. While this range is quite low compared to the limits available on credit cards for people with excellent credit, the high-end limit is relatively high for an unsecured credit-building card.

In addition, Reflex MasterCard gives an increase to customers who are loyal. Though, you may be able to increase your Reflex MasterCard credit limit after as little as six months of on-time payments.

If you are only approved for the minimum credit line of $300, your account will be reviewed for a credit limit increase after 12 months.

What Bank is Reflex Credit Card?

This question is simply concerned about the bank that issues Reflex MasterCard to customers. As a matter of fact, this credit card belongs to the MasterCard credit card network but is issued by Celtic Bank and managed by Continental Finance Company.

The Reflex Credit Card’s APR, at 25.9% – 29.99% (Variable), is among the highest offered to newcomers right now. More importantly, the Reflex Card’s combination of the annual and monthly fee. That should be a deal-breaker for most would-be applicants, especially considering how many no annual fee credit cards are currently available to people with no credit and even bad credit.

If you pass the prequalification check, which will not affect your credit score. It is possible to get instantly approved for an account if you officially apply for the Reflex MasterCard online.

If Reflex MasterCard Legit?

Yes, it is a very legit credit card. But it is a costly one with limited benefits, even for those with bad credit. Better options exist.

Are there Rewards on the Reflex MasterCard Credit Card?

No. Its biggest benefits are monthly reporting to the three major credit bureaus and free access to your Vantage 3.0 score from TransUnion when you sign up for e-statements.


You have done well by spending your time reading through the article on Reflex Credit Card. This article runs through Reflex MasterCard review, application process and login guide. Not only that, but we also run through the pros and cons of this credit card. To cap it all, we run through the payment option on the Reflex MasterCard credit card.

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