Complete Guide to Remove Facebook Tag from Photo or Post

Tagging on Facebook is one feature that was first rolled out years back among other social media platform you joined. This feature was mainly on photo you share on your account, letter other social media emulate this wonderful feature. Before we dive in to the details on how one can remove Facebook tag from photo or post, we need to define what is tagging on Facebook.

What is Tagging on Facebook

Tagging basically involves attaching a friend’s name to one of your posts. This made a lot of sense back when it was exclusively meant for photos because anyone who uploaded photos could tag their friends who appeared in them to put a name to each face.

When you tag someone, you create a link to their profile. The post you tag the person in may also be added to that person’s timeline.

Take for instance, you can tag a photo to show who’s in the photo or post a status update and say who is with you in the post. If you tag a friend in your status update, anyone who sees that update can click on your friend’s name and go to their profile. Your status update may also show up on that friend’s timeline.

When you tag someone, they will be notified. Also, if you or a friend tags someone in your post, the post could be visible to the audience you selected plus friends of the tagged person. Now this is what you need to know about Facebook tag. If you don’t appreciate a certain photo of post friend tag, then you may decide to remove Facebook tag from such photo or post. This article will be focusing on how to delete tag from Facebook photo or post.

Configuring Your Tag Settings

One thing I want you to know, you can configure tag setting on your Facebook account, therefore before we duel on how to remove Facebook tag off your post or photo. We shall be leading you through the process of configuring your tag settings.

Step 1 ====> At the top of your profile, look for the little down arrow icon beside the Home button on the top right and click on it.

How to Remove Facebook Tag from Photo or Post

Step 2 ====> Choose Settings and then click on Timeline and Tagging in the left sidebar.

Step 3 ====> Select Edit Settings. You will see a number of tagging options here that you can configure. As you can see, this is very simple.

How to Remove Facebook Tag from Photo or Post

Now that you have configured your tag settings, now let go to the details of this article, remove Facebook tag. Here are the process you can follow to delete tag from Facebook post.

Delete Tag from Facebook Multiple Photos

Step 1 ====> Click the “Activity Log” button on your Facebook Timeline.

Step 2====> Click the “Photos” link in the Activity Log sidebar.

Step 3 ====> Check the box for each photo you want to remove tags from.

Step 4 ====> Click the “Report/Remove Tags” button and confirm that you want to remove the tagged photos.

Remove Tag from Post or Photo (Full Desktop Version Site)

Step 1 ====> Visit your personal Facebook page, then select the Activity Log. Visit this from the small arrow on the top right corner of your screen.

How to Remove Facebook Tag from Photo or Post

Step 2 ====> Find the post or photo in the log you wish to remove the tag from , then select the post or photo link.

Step 3 ====> Select the three dots, then choose “Remove Tag.

How to Remove Facebook Tag from Photo or Post

Remove Facebook tag (Mobile Site)

Step 1 ====> From the photo page, select the More Options link

Step 2 ====> Now choose Remove Tag.

Step 3 ====> Select the Remove Tag button.

How to Remove Facebook Tag from Photo or Post


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