How to Find and Remove Harmful Software Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the leading browser in the world of the internet today. Chrome supports every device, just name it. It must surely work and function well on the device, be it a computer, laptop, and even mobile devices support Google Chrome browser. Do you know you can find and remove harmful software using Google Chrome? Yes, you can achieve this, which is more reason you are lucky to land yourself in this site.

Google Chrome release certain feature which let you get rid of adamant extension and some other harmful software, the feature is called cleanup tool. On download and install this tool will help you to find and remove harmful software from your machine.

Several questions arises as soon as you have this tool installed on your browser, when should I used it? How will I use it? How does it work among other questions? Now without wasting our time, let discuss how to use the Google Chrome cleanup tool and when you need to use it. But before that, let look at this:

Who Should Use the Chrome Cleanup Tool?

As a matter of fact, Google Chrome Cleanup tool should be used by every Chrome browser users face problems of harmful software. These could be an adamant extension, pop up ads, unexpected web pages and of cause redirection to the unwanted sites among others. Another reason you may need to observe is the unexpected slowing down of your browser. If this symptom arises, then you need to find and remove harmful software using Google chrome with the help of the Google Chrome Cleanup tool.

How to Find and Remove Harmful Software Using Google Chrome

One amazing thing about Google Chrome Clean up tool is that it is hidden. You need to do some work before you can access it, though, as we mentioned above that you are lucky. Here we will unlock the feature so that you can clean up your Chrome browser. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1 ====> The first step is to open your Google Chrome browser, then type in chrome://settings/cleanup’ in the Address bar and hit the enter button.

Remove HarmfulSoftware Using Google Chrome

Step 2 ====> Another page will come up

Step 3 ====> Find or locate and click on the Find button next to the Find and remove harmful software.

How toRemove HarmfulSoftware Using Google Chrome

Step 4 ====> Now, you need to wait until the Clean-up tool complete the scanning process

Step 5 ====> If no any harmful software was discovered after scanned, it will display no action to be taken.

Step 6 ====> Meanwhile if any harmful software was discovered or identified, it will ask for permission to remove it. Then is I ware you, I will just grant permission by click on Remove when prompted to remove the harmful software.

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We have come to the end of the process. It was clearly explained that harmful software can be removed from the Google Chrome browser. We also explained symptoms you may come across as a result of harmful software on your browser.

If you have any opinion about this topic, you can please share it with us in the comment box below. On the other hand, if you have benefited from this article as well, kindly share it with your fellow ones.

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