How To Remove Virus From Android Smartphone

How To Remove Virus From Android Smartphone

Android phone is widely use across the globe, over 90% of mobile phone users are using Android phone. These phone serve multiple purposes. You can use them for entertainment, watching movies or playing games on them. Moreover, Android tablets can also be used to carry out day to day functions and for work-related purposes. These devices usually have high-end specs, which makes them perfect to be used for numerous purposes. Owing to their growing popularity, various renowned brands have launched their tablets powered by the Android, arguably the most popular mobile operating system.

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Viruses and malware are out there for every system. Don’t delude yourself into thinking otherwise, especially on Android, where just a few years ago it was reported by F-Secure that 97% of all mobile malware was based on the Google owned platform. Most of these aren’t conventional PC-style viruses, however, but dodgy apps supported by scareware or poorly programmed in a way that negatively affects your device.

How Virus Enter Your Android Smart Device or Phone?

You will be wonder how virus enter your phone, well this is simple so far you use your device to browse the internet and do different thing, then you are likely to be a victim. But don’t worry, everything will be taken care in this article. Virus could be injected to your device through any of the following path.

1====> Downloading Apps from third party Unknown Sources could be way to inject virus to your device.

2====> Cracking or hacking Apps which ask for unnecessary and access permissions can potentially inject malware and are very much harmful.

3====> Downloading files from Deceptive or Harmful Site.

4====> Many of the third party Ad Networks also inject Adware virus.

5====> Popups and Redirects are also one form of necessary Malware.

6====> Many Apps in Play Store also have the dormant viruses to be activated later. If you download them and run it, there is tendency to activate it action in future.

Now you know various ways virus could enter your Android smart phone. Now let talk on how to know that virus is truly injected to your phone. Let say, we want to know when virus are in action on our Android phone.

Symptoms Of An Infected Device

Following are the general effects which a smartphone experience when infected by the virus. Therefore watch out for any of these sign or symptoms on your smart phone.

Crashing apps: Do apps crash more often then they used to be earlier? Most viruses tamper with your regular operations, it is common for the apps to force close without any warning.

Battery drain: This is one of the most common symptoms which can be affirmed for the virus attack. Malware and Spyware use lot of battery to work thus resulting in quick exhaustion of device power.

Heavy Data usage: The first sign that your phone has a virus is the rapid depletion of the internet data. The virus generally tries to run in the background to send unanimous send to the attacker resulting in the consumption of your internet data plan.

Unwanted apps: Trojans are the bunch of viruses which look like the legitimate app and are designed to look like real apps thus they succeed in deceiving the user.

Sudden appearance of unfamiliar apps: Malware can make their way into your phone with apps that you download. They piggyback other Apps without your conscious knowledge.

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Pop-ups: Many websites and Apps have pop-up ads which as the name indicates, Ads pop- up when you are using the App or website. If you are getting too many pop-ups especially suspicious ones, you may be infected by the virus.

Overheating of the Phone: It is an alarming symptom indicating that your phone posses some malware which is interfering with the apps and causing temperature rise.

Remove Virus From Android Smartphone Via Save Mode

Here we shall be guiding you through on how to remove virus from Android device on save mode. The reason for performing this step is that when the safe mode stops the third-party apps from running on your device including the virus. Therefore, it makes it easier for you to spot it and remove it from the phone.

Step 1 ====>  Activate save mode on Android phone

For Android 4.4 and less

How To Remove Virus From Android Smartphone

1 ====> Turn off your device

2 ====> While powering on press and hold volume down key

3 ====> Your device will be in Safe Mode (A transparent logo of Safe Mode will appear on screen).

For Android 5.0 and more

1 ====> Long press on power key as you do for turning off your device.

2 ====> Tap and press on power off option.

3 ====> You will see the option of Reboot to safe mode. Tap Ok to enter the safe mode.

Step 2 ====> Locate the virus

For you to locate the virus, perform the following steps.

1====> Go to the Settings menu.

2====> Open the Application Menu

3====> Tap the Downloaded apps section.

How To Remove Virus From Android Smartphone

Most of the times, the virus affects the Android tablets through a third-party app. The app containing the virus will be listed in the Downloaded apps section.

Step 3 ====> Uninstall App Containing Virus

Uninstall that particular and your Android phone will be free of the virus. In very rare cases, when the virus is very strong, it might not allow you to uninstall the app as the uninstall button will appear in gray color and won’t respond to your touch. This can happen if the virus has achieved the Device Administrator Status.

How To Remove Virus From Android Smartphone

To remove the virus in such a situation, you will have to move on to the step to disable admin permission, which the virus has acquired in your gadget.

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Step 4 ====> Remove Administrator Right of Infected App

1====> Go to Settings of your Android.

2====> Here look for the option named Security.

3====> Now under security, look for Device Administrators

4====> If you find any malicious apps having access then Deactivate it.

5====> Now uninstall the dangerous App.

Once the administrator access is revoked you can uninstall the harmful app and eject the virus from your device. Just reboot your phone after you have uninstalled the Apps.


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