Complete Guide to Reset Forgotten Windows Password

If you have one thing not to ever forget is your windows password, well no one is above this word called mistake. If eventually you forget your computer password, this is not the end of the world.

You can still access your computer through any of the ways or methods we will share on this post to reset forgotten windows password.

Most of the methods listed below to find lost passwords apply to Windows 10Windows 8Windows 7Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Some of these ideas might work for older Windows operating systems as well.

Different Ways To Change Window 10 Password

Use Your Password Reset Disk

This method will work only if you do login to your computer with local account as well is the easiest way to get out of forgotten windows passcode problem. If you don’t password reset disk, please create one today.

Windows Password

Creating a password reset disk, which can actually be a flash drive or a floppy disk, depending on your version of Windows, is something you have to do before you lose your Windows password, not after.

So, this option is not going to do you any good if you never created one yourself before losing access to Windows.

You only have to create a password reset disk once. No matter how many times you change your password after creating the disk, it will still work to reset your lost password

Guess Your Windows Password Method

Windows Password

This sound so funny, but it works if you guess right. Most of the time people uses something like birthday, pet name, loves one name and even place of birth as windows password. So if eventually you forget your password, you can later guess right.

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For example, could your lost Windows password have had something to do with a loved one’s birthday, a pet’s name, an often dialed telephone number, etc

Reset Your Microsoft Accaount Password

Another method to reset windows passcode could be through resetting your Microsoft Account password. Especially if you runs  windows 8 or windows 10 on your computer, and use Microsoft account to log in, then you find this as one of the easiest way to reset windows password.

So far as you use your Microsoft account as your Windows 8 or Windows 10 credentials and Microsoft manages those accounts online, then you can easily reset your lost Windows 10 or Windows 8 password from any browser, on any computer or device, including your smart phone.

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Change Windows Passcode With An Administrator

Before you can use this method to reset windows passcode on your computer. You must have more than one user on your computer. The other user you share your computer with has a Windows logon account that is setup with administrator level access. One account usually is, so be sure to give this a try with as many accounts as you can.

Clean Install Windows To Reset Windows Password

Windows Password

This is the last but not the least of all methods in this article. This is the method you don’t want learn, but at the same time is very active in resetting windows password. In a simple language, this is referring to formatting your computer.

Clean installed of Windows is a complete erase of your hard drive, followed by a re-installation of the Windows operating system.

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