Resize Images And Photos

How To Resize Images And Photos In Windows

Images and photos are a way of keeping memory afresh. Most of the time, our mobile devices are used to take photos of event, on occasion and in various activities. I noticed that every image on these devices are always big in sizes. To share them via the internet you need to amend the sizes. That is why, this article will be focusing on how to resize images and photos in windows before sending via the internet.

Aside this, this photos and images accumulate and occupy more space on the hard drive on our system, then you need to resize images and photos so as to save more space on your computer.

There is another little problem I see: How does one resize and/or crop an image to a specific custom pixel size in order to post it online somewhere, or to send in an e-mail, or whatever?

Of course, most online services and social networking sites will automatically resize and compress your images for you, and the they often even let you crop the image right there on their site.

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Now not to waste much of our time, let go straight to the topic of the day, which is resize images and photos in windows.

How To Resize Images And Photos In Windows Using Microsoft’s Paint

Microsoft’s Paint is a program that was installed with windows, it does not requires another program before you use this program. This is one of the best programs you need on windows to resize images and photos to your taste without losing its quality. Sit back as you will learn the details on how to resize images and photos in windows with this free pre installed program on your computer.

Step1 ====> First of all, you need to open the location of the image or photo you want to resize. You know where you keep it on your system. You may as well open Paint on your system as well. Here on this step, we are going to open Paint first:

====> Click on window logo at the bottom left hand side of the screen

====> On the search bar, type PAINT

====> Finally, click paint to open the program

Step 2 ====> Now that you have open paint, let locate the image or photo you want to resize. Here are the steps for that:

====> On the top left corner on, click the drop down arrow to open menu as shown bellow

Resize Images And Photos

Then click a folder named open, this will help you locate the image.

====> Alternatively, you may open the folder first to locate the photo and the right click on the photo and open with PAINT as shown below

Resize Images And Photos

Step 3 ====> Now that the photo or image was opened in paint, it is time to resize them to your size. Here is how to do that:

====> Under home, locate and click resize, a window will pop up as shown bellow

Resize Images And Photos

====> Select Pixels

====> Uncheck the Maintain aspect ratio checkbox

====> Enter a width (Horizontal) and a height (Vertical) in pixels

====> Click OK

If that looks okay, then you can save. But if otherwise, you to proceed further as follow

In the case where your image looks too big, you wll need to resize and then crop the image. The easiest way to do this is to resize the image to the width you want, and then crop it to the height you want as well.

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So, if your image is 1200 x 1600 pixels, and you want it to be 600 x 800, you would do this

1. You need to resize with Maintain aspect ratio to 1200 x ???pixels

2. Then select 1200 x 630 pixels of the resulting image, and then Crop

It seems as if it is hard, no no no, it is not all. Keep reading and you will get it done at once.

Now let go back to the Resize dialog box under home, you have to the following:

Resize Images And Photos

====> Check the Maintain aspect ratio checkbox

====> Enter a width (Horizontal), and Paint will automatically calculate the height (Vertical) to prevent the image from becoming stretched

====> Click OK

Now that you are true with the resulting image, it is time to save you image or photo to the desire format. This process is as well simple and easy to follow. This process also come along the process of resize images and photos in windows. Here are the simple steps to save your images on paint

How To Save Images On Paint

Now that your image is resized and cropped, you will want to Save As… in order to save a copy into a new file, here are the steps as well:

Resize Images And Photos

Step 1 ====> Now click on the drop down arrow at the upper left corner on the screen

Step 2 ====> Then click on save as

Step 3 ====> Now choose the format you want to save your image

Step 4 ====> Then set to appropriate location

Step 5 ====> Finally click Save.


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