Review Windscribe VPN

Best VPN: Review Windscribe VPN

Windscribe VPN is a great value VPN service that also has an impressive free edition. It works effectively to mask your online identity, and while it is a little technical to use at times, it is still a smart choice for a VPN.

VPN services protect your internet connections from prying eyes, such as those of your internet service provider, hotel staff or even the person sitting next to you at Starbucks. They also can help you watch video streams from faraway lands.

Windscribe VPN was only an average performer among VPN services when we first tested, but it got much faster after a change in VPN protocols. It is now one of the fastest VPNs out there.

Its free service gives you up to 10GB of usage per month, but Windscribe VPN paid Pro service has about 500 connection servers worldwide, no data cap and many more setup options. The software includes a firewall for extra protection.

While you can sign up and pay for Windscribe VPN nearly anonymously, and the Canadian company is theoretically beyond the reach of American jurisdiction, you can not customize the service’s most important protocol and encryption settings.

Windscribe VPN has hardware in more than 50 countries. With a connection point in Russia (but not China) and a wide variety of both popular and offbeat server locations, it is a good service for travellers.

Review Windscribe VPN

Key Features of Windscribe VPN

====> Clients for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Chrome, Firefox, Opera

====> Review Price: £36.82

====> 10GB a month free account available

====> $9 (£6.76) per month

====> $49 (£36.82) per year

====> $89 (£66.88) for two years

====> Clear information on connecting other devices without dedicated clients

Windscribe VPN Performance

During speed testing, we saw far more variation from Windscribe than from most of its rivals, with UK FTP and HTTP download speeds ranging from anywhere between 2MB/s to 9MB/s. This seemed to be particularly affected by the time of day – hours, when US users were awake, saw the slowest speeds.

US speeds were also variable, with some of our connection attempts transferring data at a less than 100KB/s, while others produced a relatively smooth 2.6MB/s. We experienced similar issues with the dedicated Windflix US streaming connection, which usually streamed smoothly enough via a browser, but sometimes had trouble even loading Netflix’s site.

Getting Started With Windscribe VPN

You can download both the add-on and the Windows app from the website without signing anything first, but the app will ask you to sign up for the service on launch. When you do, it just involves entering a username, an email address and password, so it’s not all that onerous a process.

The app itself is a tiny thing that hovers above your taskbar, extending only when you need to change location or tinker with the settings. It’s very easy to switch from location to location and there are, oddly, two buttons to connect and disconnect, in case you found one a little hard to spot.

Why buy Windscribe VPN

Windscribe has a lot of strong features, including excellent video streaming performance via dedicated endpoints and secure wireless hotspot sharing.

However, the performance variability we saw during our latest speed tests makes it hard to recommend when rivals such as Private Internet Access and NordVPN provide more reliable connection speeds at lower cost.

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