How to Root Infinix Note 12 Without PC

Rooting your Infinix smartphone, such as the Infinix Note 12, can offer numerous benefits and customization options.

By gaining administrative access to your device’s operating system, you can unlock its full potential and install custom software, tweak system settings, and optimize performance.

However, it is essential to understand that rooting your phone comes with certain risks, including voiding your warranty and potential security vulnerabilities.

In this blog post, we will provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to safely and efficiently root Infinix Note 12, Infinix Note 12 pro, Infinix Hot 12, and other Infinix smartphone series.

What is Phone Rooting?

Phone Rooting, also known as “Rooting,” is the process of gaining administrative access, often referred to as “root access,” to the Android operating system (OS) or the equivalent process on other mobile operating systems like iOS (commonly known as “jailbreaking”).

Rooting allows users to unlock the limitations imposed by manufacturers and carriers on their devices, giving them complete control over the system files and settings.

When you purchase a smartphone, it comes with a locked operating system to prevent users from making changes that might negatively impact the device’s performance or security.

However, by rooting the phone (Infinix Note 12), users can remove these restrictions and gain privileged access, akin to having administrative rights on a computer.

Advantages of Rooting Smartphones

Customization: Rooting (Infinix note 12) enables users to customize the appearance and behavior of their devices extensively. They can install custom themes, icons, and launchers, as well as modify system fonts and colors.

Custom ROMs: With root access, users can install custom ROMs, which are modified versions of the Android OS. Custom ROMs often offer performance improvements, unique features, and the ability to run the latest Android versions on older devices.

Backup and Restore: Root access enables users to perform complete backups of their device, including system files, settings, and app data. This allows (Infinix Hot 10) for easier device migration or restoration after a factory reset.

Performance Boost: Rooting (Infinix Note 12 pro) allows users to uninstall pre-installed bloatware and unwanted system apps, which can improve device performance and free up storage space.

Ad-Blocking: Rooting allows users to use ad-blocking applications that can prevent ads from appearing in apps and on websites, leading to a smoother user experience.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Smartphones

Voided Warranty: Rooting typically voids the device’s warranty, as it involves altering the original software and can potentially lead to software-related issues.

Software Updates: Rooted devices may not receive official software updates, and installing custom ROMs could lead to incompatibility issues.

Irreversible Actions: Rooting gives users the power to make significant system changes, and if not careful, users might accidentally delete critical files, leading to system instability.

Security Risks: Rooting may expose your device to potential security risks. Malicious apps with root access can cause significant damage to the device and compromise personal data.

Bricking: If not done correctly, the rooting process can lead to “bricking” the device, rendering it unusable and challenging to repair.

How To Root Infinix Note 12 Pro

In this part of the guide, we shall be looking at the steps to Root Infinix Note 12 / 12 Pro 5G (X671, X671B) Using Magisk. Follow the full-depth guide along with the requirements and download the links below


====> A root will prevent OTA firmware updates.

====> Your device’s manufacturer warranty may be revoked if you root it.

====> In order to root your Tecno (X671, X671B) version, the bootloader must first be unlocked.

Pre-Requirements to Root Infinix Note 12 Pro

====> Firstly, keep a backup of the data on your smartphone. Therefore, if something goes wrong, you can retrieve the crucial data.

====> More than 60% of the battery life on your phone is ideal.

====> The Infinix Note 12 / 12 Pro 5G model is the only one that may use the image file in this article. NEVER attempt to flash it on a different model.

====> A USB cable and a PC or laptop are also needed to connect your gadget to the computer.

====> Accordingly, you should download all of the below-listed files, programs, and drivers.

Required Downloads:

====> Download ADB & Fastboot files (Windows/MAC)

====> Download the latest Infinix Note 12 / 12 Pro 5G Firmware

====> Infinix USB Drivers – Download and install it on your computer

====> Download Other Drivers: Mediatek VCOM Drivers or MTK USB Drivers

====> Download and Install the SP Flash tool on your computer


GadgetsRight disclaims all liability for any errors or damage to your phone that may occur while or after using this instruction or flashing any files. You ought to be competent in your field. Go forward at your own risk and first make a complete backup!

Now the process in details

How to Extract and Patch Boot.image Using Magisk?

====> The boot image must first be extracted using the MTK Droid Tool.

====> Only copy the boot.img file from the extracted folder to your device storage after connecting your device with a USB cord.

====> Run Magisk Manager program. Pick INSTALL and pick to install again if a popup window asking you to install Magisk appears.

====> Patch Boot Image File must be selected.

====> Now select the boot image for your phone that you previously transferred by navigating to internal storage.

====> After a few seconds. The boot image will begin to be patched by Magisk.

====> Copy the patched_boot.img from internal storage and replace it in the same extracted ROM folder on your PC after the boot image has been modified.

Now you can follow the second step to flash the patched boot image file.

Steps to Install the Patched Boot Image on Infinix Note 12 / 12 Pro 5G

====> Install the SP Flash tool on your PC and run the flash tool exe file.

====> You will see a screen with an image of a mobile device once SP Flash tool has loaded. Now tap on the menu download.

====> You can now click on the Download Agent and MTK_AllInOneDA.bin option seen in the Download tab of the browser (it is located in the SP Flashtool folder under SP_MDT).

====> Tap the Scatter-loading menu in the same tab to load the Scatter file that is contained in the Stock ROM extracted zip. If you extracted the file, you can locate it under the name MT6xxx_Android_scatter.txt. The number of MediaTek processors is indicated by the symbol MTxxxx.

====> Now load the MT6xxx_Android_scatter.txt file

====> Once you have loaded, make sure to untick all the files except bootimg

====> Now click the Download button

====> You should now remove your battery (only if it is detachable or turned off) in order to begin the flashing procedure. Put in again, to connect your phone to a computer or laptop, press and hold the Volume Up and Volume Down keys simultaneously. (Retain the Volume Up and Down buttons depressed until your computer recognizes the phone.)

====> The phone will connect, and flashing will start. Wait one or two minutes.

====> When the flashing is over, a green button will appear.

====> You can now shut down the SP Flash Tool, disconnect your phone, and reboot ====> your device to check if it has successfully been rooted.

====> I’m done now! Now your device ought to be rooted.

Steps to Verify the Systemless Root

====> On your device, open the Magisk Manager app.

====> You can check the status screen to determine if your phone has systemless root access. If correctly rooted, every option should be green-ticked here. If the answer is affirmative, you have successfully gotten through Google SafetyNet’s security measures.

All right, fellas. We hope you were able to successfully root your Infinix Note 12 / 12 Pro 5G mobile with this technique.

How to Root Infinix Note 12 Without PC / Without TWRP

Root Infinix Note 12 With SuperSU

====> To acquire root access on your Infinix Note 12 cellphone, download the most recent version of on the device you wanted to root.

====> Simply press Volume Down + Power Button at the same time to start the device in Recovery Mode and wait until the boot animation appears on the screen.

====> Simply tap Install, locate to the file, select the file, and then tap Swipe to Confirm Flash.

====> The installation procedure would take a short while to complete. Simply tap Reboot after the flashing process is finished.

====> I’m done now. With SuperSU, you have successfully rooted your Infinix Note 12 mobile.

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Root Infinix Note 12 With KingRoot

====> Install the most recent version of KingRoot APK. If the Chrome/Android Installation blocked warning displays, remember that you still haven’t enabled Installing apps from unknown sources (sources other than Google Play).

====> To launch the KingRoot app after the installation is finished, click the Open button.

====> To access the main interface, tap the Try it button.

====> To begin the rooting process, tap the Get Now button.

====> You will receive an SMS notification stating that your smartphone has been successfully rooted after the rooting procedure is complete. Simply go back to the KingRoot interface’s home page.

You’ve now successfully used KingRoot APK or App to root your Infinix Note 12 without a computer.

Root Infinix Note 12 With Magisk

====> Download the most recent version of to grant root access to your Infinix Note 12 mobile before moving on to the next stage.

====> Press Volume Down + Power Button simultaneously (at the same time) to put your smartphone into Recovery Mode and wait until the boot animation shows up on the screen.

====> Then, simply tap Install, locate the file, choose the downloaded file (, and then tap Swipe to Confirm Flash.

====> The installation procedure would take a short while to complete. Simply tap Reboot after the flashing process is finished.

I’m done now. With Magisk, you have successfully rooted your Infinix Hot 12 mobile.

Root Infinix Note 12 With KingoRoot

====> Install the most recent version of KingoRoot APK on your Infinix device.

====> Simply unblock if a Google Chrome or operating system warning regarding KingoRoot.apk or Installation Blocked comes on the screen.

====> The button that reads Installation of apps obtained from unknown sources can be unchecked or disabled by going to Settings ===> Security ===> Installation Blocked. Now tap Ok to continue installing KingoRoot.apk on your smartphone.

====> Then, install KingoRoot on your smartphone by adhering to the instructions displayed on the screen.

Simply tap or click to open the KingoRoot software after installation is finished

====> Then tap One Click Root to begin rooting your device. This process will take a few seconds to complete and will show the results on the screen.

====> You have now successfully rooted your Infinix Note devices.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully rooted your Infinix Note 12. With root access, you can now explore a world of customizations and optimize your smartphone according to your preferences.

However, keep in mind that rooting may void your warranty and can pose security risks if not handled correctly.

Proceed with caution and always take backups before making any significant changes to your device. Happy rooting

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