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How to Save a Microsoft Word Document as Web Page

Microsoft Word is one of the greatest tools your on computer. This go a long way, mainly when you work on internet. You can save Microsoft Word Document in may format such as PDF format, word template among others. But on this article, we shall be talking on how to save a Microsoft Word Document as a Web Page.

You may not think of Word as a tool for designing web pages, and that is okay. It is really not very good at it, anyway. But, if you have an existing Word document that you need to turn into a web page for whatever reason, Word has you covered with some built-in tools.

How To Save A Microsoft Word Document As A Web Page In 2007

Though, Microsoft Word 2007 is one of the common and widely used offices by many users. This is because, it is very easy to use. Here are the steps to Microsoft word document as a web page in 2007

Step 1 ====> Open Microsoft Word document.

Step 2 ====> Click the Microsoft Office button at the top left corner on your screen.

Microsoft Word Document


Step 3 ====> Then click on Save As. (The Save As dialog box appears.)

Step 4 ====> From the Save in drop-down list, now select the appropriate location.

Step 5 ====> From the File name drop-down list, select the appropriate name.

Step 6 ====> From the Save as type drop-down list, select Web Page.

Microsoft Word Document

Step 7 ====> Click the ‘Save’ button.


You can also enter the file name in the ‘File name’ box.

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How To Save A Microsoft Word Document As A Web Page In 2010 and 2013

Now, to save a Microsoft word document as a web page in 2010 and 2013, here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 ====> select File and then Save As

Step 2 ====> In the Save As dialog, under click the Save as type: dropdown list and choose Web Page (*.htm;*.html)

Microsoft Word Document

Step 3 ====> Make sure to choose a location to save the document

Step 4 ====> Give it a name (it should have the .htm extension)

Step 5 ====> Finally click Save.

How To Save A Microsoft Word Document As A Web Page In 2016

Step 1 ====> Open the document you want to save as a web page.

Step 2 ====> On the File menu, choose the Save As command, and then click the Browse option.

Microsoft Word Document

Step 3 ====> In the Save As window, navigate to where you want to store your file.

Step 4 ====> Then, type a name for your page into the File Name box. By default, the name of your Word document will already be filled in if you had saved it previously

Microsoft Word Document

Step 5 ====> Next, click the Save As Type dropdown menu.

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Step 6 ====> On the menu, you will find three options for saving your document as a web page: Single File Web Page; Web Page; and Web Page, Filtered.

Microsoft Word Document

All of these options will convert your document to HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the standard for displaying text on a web page. However, each file type produces a slightly different kind of HTML file. Which one you should use depends on your online publishing preferences and whether or not you plan to convert the file back to a Word document later.

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