Save WhatsApp Status Pictures and Videos

How To Save WhatsApp Status Pictures And Videos To Ur Android

No doubt about this fact, that WhatsApp is one of the best apps to communicate with friends, family, Relative and other people you may think of. As well you can share Photos or pictures, videos with anyone on your contact list. You can also share them to the groups, provided you want to do that. Then, you can Save WhatsApp Status Pictures and Videos of others.

Meanwhile, in our previous post, we a complete guide on How To Use WhatsApp Without Verification Code. But this article will focus on how to Save WhatsApp Status Pictures and Videos on any of your Android devices.

But before we dive into the details, in fact, we all know that it is impossible to save WhatsApp status photos and videos as it is restricted by WhatsApp to save and secure its happy users around the world.

As we all believe that there is a solution for every problem and your solution is truly here to save WhatsApp status.

Guys, this simple step do not require any app. Though, there are many apps you can use to download and save pictures and videos from WhatApp to your Android device.

With this simple step, you can easily download WhatsApp status pictures update directly to your gallery and you can use them as the normal media files to share and save on your phone.

Steps to Save WhatsApp Status Pictures and Videos Directly From WhatsApp

It is time now to move on into the details on how to save WhatsApp status picture and videos you see on your account.

Step 1 ====> Open your account, what I simply mean by this is to lunch WhatsApp on your device, just tap it and that is all.

Step 2 ====> This step requires you to tap on the name of the person you want to save his/her picture or videos. Here you will see the set of what you want to save.

Step 3 ====> Now it is time to save, you are think of what to do next. This is simple and easy, just tap the video or the picture you wanted to save. Once you have done that, you allow it to load, this will be automatically downloaded to your phone gallery.

Use Files Manager  To Save WhatsApp Status Photos On Your Android Device

This method does not require any App like the discussed above, but you will need to access the File Manager on your Android device which we will be giving the details in the steps below.


Statuses folder is usually Hidden and can be seen when you turn on. That turn on “Show hidden files” which is available in certain File managers.

Now the steps in details as I promised:

Step 1 ===> In every Android device, you inbuilt File Manager App (File shape icon). You can also install “ES File Explorer” which gives you the option to view hidden files. But on my own phone, the pre install file manager has the option as well. So this occurs to some phone as well.

Step 2 ====> Launch ES File Explorer and from the settings on the left side of the screen turn on “Show hidden files” option. If the inbuilt file manager on your phone has the option, just apply the method.

Step 3 ====> It is time to go to WhatsApp Folder which can directly be accessed and in some devices it can be found under “Phone Storage”. So depending on your device, meanwhile you are at the right track.

Step 4 ====> Now open the WhatsApp folder and now Tap on Media. In most Android devices you can find a folder with the name “Statuses” which will store the Status updates which you have seen on your WhatsApp account.

Step 5 ====> You can open the Status update which you want to save and Save the file on your Media Directory to view later or share it with your friends.

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These are the simple methods I have been using to Save WhatsApp Status Pictures and Videos on my phone. If you find this helpful, do share among your friends on social media. They too could save your videos or pictures you shared with them.


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