How to Scan Document Directly Into Your Phone

How to Scan Document Directly Into Your Phone

Do you adopt the style of using desktop scanner to scan document, this is good. But what happen when you needed to send a document, you are not in a location to use a desktop scanner. Meanwhile, you have your smart phone with you. The problem is a bit solved.

You cannot be using desktop scanner for every work, take for example, you want to send a receipt to some, do you need to scan a copy of document with money. From my own point of view, No. You can use you smartphone to scan document.

So with the help in built camera on your phone, the scanning process can be done in a very short period of time. Therefore, before you can scan document directly into your phone, you need to download scan software from Google play.

Every scanner apps work the same way, this depend on the type and the ability of your smart phone. Some of these apps are: Camera scanner to PDF, PDF Scanner, Adobe scan and many more. On this note, we are using Adobe Scan.

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How to Scan Documents Directly Into Your Phone Using Adobe Scan

Step 1 ====> Visit Google Play on your phone to download and install Adobe Scan to your phone

Step 2 ====> After installing the app, you will need to sign into your Adobe account — or sign up for one if necessary. It is free to do so, though It is not immediately clear how much storage is available as part of that free account.

Step 3 ====> To scan a document, lunch the app on your smart phone, this will ask for permission to access your camera. Grant the permission.

Step 4 ====> Spread the paper or document on a flat table

Step 5 ====> Place the rear phone camera directly to the document you want to scan, this will auto scan

Step 6 ====> As soon as you are pleased with the result on the phone screen, the tap the capture button.

If you have more than one page, just flip to the next one, line it up and wait for the next snap. Repeat as needed until you have captured all the pages.

Tweaking Your Scan Document

After you have completed your scan, you will have the option to make changes, such as the name. Tap the little pencil icon up top if you want to rename the document from the default Scan date.

Across the bottom, there are six edit icons. From left to right:

How to Scan Documents Directly Into Your Phone

1. Capture more photos to add to this scan, or import from your existing photo library.

2. Reorder the pages in the scan.

3. Crop the currently visible page.

4. Rotate 90 degrees clockwise.

5. Switch from the default Auto Color image-correction to original photo, grayscale or whiteboard.

6. Delete the scan.

Now that you are true with the tweaking, the final step is to save as PDF. This is located at the top right corner of the screen

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This will immediately upload your scan to Document Cloud. Just keep in mind that once you complete that action, you can no longer do any editing on the document.


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