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How To Schedule Tweets And Increase Engagement

Twitter is one of the biggest social media you can use for people to identify your product. It is widely use by people from different places across the globe. Its users tweet over 6,000 tweets per second, and you cannot be online 24/7. Due to this, it should be a good idea to schedule tweets to increase engagement on your product.

If you want your posts to be seen, you need to share on Twitter even when you are not there. Then how will you go about this, then once again, you really need to schedule tweets on tweeter for your post to be seen globally.

There is various ways to schedule tweets on twitter for you post to be widely viewing by users across the globe, here are some of the ways.

How To Schedule Tweets On Twitter

To get started on schedule tweets on twitter account, you have to do the following.

Step 1 ====> Login to your twitter account

Step 2 ====> click on the tweet button

Step 3 ====> As the tweet box pops up, create your tweet, this may include image, location and card if you want

Step 4 ====> Then select from the following three options to decide how, where, and when you want your tweet to be published

  1. Delivery: here select standard to publish your tweet organically to all users
  2. Promotion: this will allows you to add your tweet to an existing promoted tweet program or campaign
  3. Now it is time you choose when to publish your post, post now or custom delivery

Aside this, you can use other program to schedule tweets on your twitter account, these are some of them.

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How To Schedule Tweets On Hootsuite

Step 1 ====> Firstly you have to Sign up for Hootsuite. There is a free plan if you would like to start there

Step 2 ====> Provide your Twitter profile or use profiles on your dashboard.

Step 3 ====> Next action is to create your tweet in the Compose Message box.

Step 4 ====> Click the Scheduling calendar icon to ccontinue.

Step 5 ====> Now choose date and time you will like to tweet your post.

Step 6 ====> You may want to receive an email when your scheduled tweet has been published, then check the notification box.

Step 7 ====> If you like to take a look at the other posts that are scheduled for a specific date, select View Date in Publisher.

Step 8 ====> Finally Click Schedule to complete this process.


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