How To Send Birthday Greeting Cards On Facebook

Greeting Cards

Wonderful feature again on Faccebook.  Now on Facebook you can send greeting cards to friends, relatives, well wisher among others. But on today’s article, we will be running through the process of sending birthday greeting cards to who so ever you want on Facebook.

But before we continue, I want to remind you again that Facebook is the world number one social medial to interact with our love ones across the globe. On this social medial platform, you will be friends with different people from different continent, countries, even people of differs culture.

In spite of these, Facebook is also a place to pass message across on different format, which include: Photos, audio files, video and cards in which you have birthday greeting cards, anniversary cards, wedding cards lots more. It takes just seconds to click through to a greeting card Page or app, pick a card, add your message and send it on its way to your Facebook friend.

How To Sending Greeting Cards On Facebook Using An App

Sending birthday greeting cards or a card for any other occasion to Facebook friends using the Birthday & Greeting Cards app, which is one of the most popular greeting card apps on the social network. Here are the step requires:

Step 1 ====> Log in to your Facebook account on the browser and go to your Facebook profile page.

Step 2 ====> On your profile page, locate the search box and type Birthday & Greeting Cards on it at the top of the screen. Greeting Cards

Step 3 ====> Now select Birthday Greeting Cards from the drop-down menu that appears as shown above.

Step 4 ====> Then click Apps section of the page that opens follow by click Use Now next to the Birthday & Greeting Cards app to open a screen to preview the app.Greeting Cards

Meanwhile, there may be more than one app listed as shown above, but most of them work the same way.

Step 5 ====> Review the privacy screen that pops up. It tells you what information the greeting company will receive from Facebook if you use the app.

 Step 6 ====> Now allow access to your public Facebook profile, but you can refuse to share your friends list and email address if you choose to do so and click Use Now.Greeting Cards

Step 7 ====> Scroll through the selections and select a card from the thumbnails onscreen by clicking Send this Card. If this is your first time sending a card, you may be asked to sign up or log in.Greeting Cards

Step 8 ====> Now select the recipient or recipients from your Facebook friends list and add personal message in the field provided.

Step 9 ====> Click to preview the card and finally click on the Send via Facebook button to send the card to the recipients.

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After you send the card, your recipients will see the greeting card on their Facebook timelines. With these steps you have successfully sent birthday greeting cards on Facebook to your friends

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