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How To Spot A Fake Facebook Account

Facebook is widely use by millions of people across the globe. The rate at which people engaged in Facebook charting keep increasing on daily bases. Due to this, the tendency of becoming friend with fake users are very high. This is one of the reasons this article will be dealing with different ways to spot a fake Facebook account and kick them out of your friends.

Though, without a course, no action will be taken. I strongly believe that, the fake users have mission on creating fake Facebook account. Therefore, it is left for you to know and confirmed who become your friends on Facebook. Below are some of the reasons behind setting up a fake facebook account.

Why do people set up fake Facebook account?

Some Facebook users set up fake Facebook account base on any of the following reasons.

To access your data and information and used it to harm you

To get likes to their page in an authorized way

Fake Facebook accounts can also be created just to make money. Buying and selling Facebook fans is a multi-million dollar business, as both companies and individuals pay big money to get fans and likes to their page.

How To Spot A Fake Facebook Account

Now let go straight to the main purpose of this article, ie how to identify a fake Facebook account. As we said earlier on this article, there is various ways to fine-tune fake account on Facebook.

The Profile photo

One of the easiest ways to know if a Facebook account is fake is by examining the profile photo. It is common case that fake accounts use a profile photo they downloaded from somewhere else online. Here are the steps to identify fake photos on Google.

Fake Facebook Account

Step 1 ====> Open your browser and go to Google Image Search,

Step 2 ====> Then download the profile photo from the Facebook page that you suspect is fake.

Step 3 ====> Drag and drop that photo into the Google Image Search bar and click the Search button.

Step 4 ====> Finally, if the photo is from a fake Facebook account, you should see loads of matches all across cyberspace.

The Account Doesn’t Message

Bots can easily accept friend requests but can’t respond to messages. So, if you are unsure this is a great little test – just send a message and see what you get back!

Search Their Details Online To See If It Returns.

This will not be so useful if the name is a common one, but for a more unusual one there might be some interesting returns.

If they have a common name, add other information such as their location, approximate age, or any other information you can access from their profile.

Have they been tagged? A real person is generally tagged here and there as part of the Facebook sharing experience.

On a final note, if none of the above is proving right, definitely, this is a fake Facebook account, unfriend them at once.

Weird Bio Information

If the biography information on the account seems fanciful or just plain unrealistic, then it’s likely not to be a legitimate account.

Check His Or Her Friends

Checking the friends is another way to know which Facebook account is fake. In one way or the other, some of the friends might be your friends. Closely look at the mutual friend to know may be you have one in common.

If you see a Facebook account with friends that number into thousands (or less than 10), the account could be fake. However, there are some real Facebook users who have that many friends (or not a lot), so don’t be hasty to jump to a conclusion about popular Facebook users.

Fake Facebook Account

Are their friends global or local? The more local the friends, the more likely the person is to be real. The more global their friendship list, with very few or no local friends, start getting suspicious.

The lack of local friends suggests that this is not a real person you are dealing with but a fake account. This is often used by people pretending to be attractive young women. They will often contact you with a line like “I saw your picture and you looked nice.”

If this is a negative report ie none of these are common to the both party, then I conclude that, it is a fake Facebook account.

Not post many pictures

Bots tend not to post lots of photos. Their aim is to use minimum effort to create the illusion that a real person is behind the account so they don’t bother too much with fleshing out a personal life.

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Finally on spotting a fake Facebook account

Fake Facebook accounts are abounding. They are typically used for unethical online marketing purposes. Fortunately, they are also fairly easy to spot. With a little bit of due diligence, you can quickly determine if a Facebook account is fake or not.


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