Stop Facebook From Notifying Who Became Facebook Friend With You

Facebook Friend

Facebook is very good about information, they notify you on every activities on your news feed. Either is what you want or not, they just pass it across to you. When you became Facebook friend with someone or either way, the team notify you.

Some time, this could be annoyed. You have been thinking on how you can stop Facebook  from notifying you when you became Facebook  friend with someone.

The sole responsibility of this article is to guide you on how you can stop been notify on Facebook when you became Facebook friend with some or when someone became your friend on Facebook.

Steps To Hide Who Became Facebook Friend On Facebook

The below method is really easy to follow so that you can stop Facebook from notifying others about your new friends activities.

Step 1 ====> Log in to your Facebook account, if you don’t have one, create one through Facebook.

Stop 2 ====> Go to your profile, to access your profile, click on your name.

Step 3 ====> Then click on View Activities log buttonFacebook Friend

Step 4 ====> Now in the Activity log panel on left hand side, click on MORE

Facebook Friend

Step 5 ====> From the pop up display, click on more filter and click on FRIEND

Step 6 ====> Now you will see the all the activity with whom and when you became Facebok friend with. In this page, at top you will see an icon as shown in the picture below.

Facebook Friend

Step 7 ====> Click on that icon and it will list you with options.

Step 8 ====> Uncheck New Friend Reports to stop notifying others that you have became friend with someone.

Finally On Facebook Friend

The above method is really easy to stop friends from knowing that you have became Facebook friend with someone on Facebook. If still you came across any issues, do let us know via comments.

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