How to Stop Yahoo from Scanning Your Email to Sell Your Data

How to Stop Yahoo from Scanning Your Email to Sell Your Data

Yahoo still scans users’ Emails for data to sell to advertisers, a practice that many tech companies have moved away from. The company is pitching this data to advertisers, as it includes a rich pool full of information on buying habits, customer interests, and other consumer product related matters.

The company admitted that it does scan users’ Emails but clarified that it only does so with promotional Emails from retailers. Users have the ability to opt out of having their Emails scanned but Oath argues that its data collection is just part of supporting Yahoo Mail’s free Email services.

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Even if you are subscribed to Yahoo’s premium Email service, your messages are subject to scans unless you opt-out. So, opting out is easy right? Well, yes, it is just a couple of clicks, but it is hard to find where to do it. It is not in Settings as you would expect. So if you are interested in stopping Yahoo from scanning your account, here is how you can opt-out of Yahoo’s invasive data mining of your Emails

How to Stop Yahoo Email Data Mining

Step 1 ====> Whether you have free or premium Yahoo mail, head to the Ad Interest Manager page and log into your account.

Step 2 ====> From there; click the opt-out button in the Your Advertising Choices section for both the Across the Web and On Yahoo tabs. Yes, you must opt-out of both. If you only do it for one, your emails are still subject to scanning.

How to Stop Yahoo from Scanning Your Email to Sell Your Data

Step 3 ====> To verify you are indeed stop yahoo from scanning your account on both. When you click on either Across the Web or On Yahoo the blue button should say Opt-In as shown bellow, you can choose later if you want your mail scanned again for some reason.

How to Stop Yahoo from Scanning Your Email to Sell Your Data


Since Yahoo Mail is often used as a secondary Email provider by many users, the company is trying to take advantage of the fact by scanning unwanted emails from retailers to provide advertisers with better information on its users.

While the process of collecting information on users is somewhat controversial, Oath has given its customers the ability to opt out and no free service online is ever truly free.

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