How to Stream Android Games to YouTube

How to Stream Android Games to YouTube

Do you need to play games on your Android phone when you could Stream Android games on YouTube. Are you not among the millions of users logging into YouTube gaming to watch people playing video games, you may not understand the concept. Back in those days, I don’t like to wait for my turn to play a video game with friends.

While Twitch has been predominately used by PC or console gamers, you have the option to stream from your Android device and with some bigger titles becoming available for mobile there’s really no reason not to start streaming from your phone, especially if you are using a flagship released in the last few years.

How to Stream Game Play Using the YouTube Gaming App

Step 1 ====> We are starting from the YouTube Gaming home screen, tap the Broadcast button.

Step 2 ====> Now select the stream quality (720p HD or 480p SD) and whether you want to Stream live, or Record locally to your phone.

Step 3 ====> You will be notify, once you start streaming, you are live to the public and any on your screen including notifications, calls and passwords will be visible to your viewers. Meanwhile, if your phone has not been turned to Do Not Disturb mode, do it now.

How to Stream Android Games to YouTube

Step 4 ====> Now choose the game you want to stream. The app will give you a list of the recommended apps to stream, you can scroll down to the bottom to expand the list to include all the apps on your phone.

Step 5 ====> Give your stream a catchy title and a description so that your subscribers and potential viewers will know what you are playing. Click bait might be effective here.

Step 6 ====> Send your stream link out on social media so all your friends and followers know what you are up to.

How to Stream Android Games to YouTube

Once you start streaming, that floating bubble is where you will find all your streamer controls. Simply tap the bubble to expand the streaming menu at the bottom of your screen, which will give you stats on viewership, toggle text chat, and other settings.

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