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How to Stream Your PC Games to Android with Steam Link

Do you love playing game on your personal computer, and like to play game for long on your system and you want to continue the game on your Android phone. Then Steam Link may be the answer you have been looking for. With this on your Android phone, you can stream games from your PC to your phone.

And in 2018, again thanks to Valve, PC gaming is about to totally transform by moving onto your Android device. Here in this article you we shall be dealing with how to set up and use Steam Link on Android, and start enjoying your favorite PC games anywhere in the house. First of all, let look at what steam Link is about.

What is Steam Link?

In a simple definition, Steam Link is a process to stream games from your Steam library to another device. The original Steam Link is a physical set top box that you connect to your TV and then use to stream games from your gaming PC to your TV.

The Steam Link app is new Android app which allows you to stream games from your PC to your Android device (phone, tablet, or Android TV).

When you stream a game, it still runs on your Personal Computer and uses your Computer more powerful hardware. The display and control signals are streamed over your local network to your Android device.

That part is important. Your phone (or tablet or Android TV) must be on the same local network for Steam Link to work. You cannot stream games over the internet. Steam recommends using a 5 Ghz Wi-Fi connection if you plan on streaming wirelessly. If you are streaming to an Android TV, a wired connection is even better.

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Setting up Steam Link is simple

To get started with Steam Link, Download the app from Google Play. While it downloaded and installed, launch Steam on your desktop or laptop PC.

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Next, you will need to set up streaming on your PC. Fire up the Steam client, and then click over to Steam and then the Settings as shown above.

Pull up Steam’s preferences and click on in-home streaming. Make sure that in-home streaming is enabled.

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If you are using an NVIDIA graphics card, click that Advanced Host Options button, and then enable the Use NVFBC capture on NVIDIA GPU option. That should improve streaming performance. You can read this description if you want to learn a little bit more about what NVFBC does on a technical level.

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Click OK to leave the Advanced menu, and then click OK again on the main Settings window.

In layman’s terms, NVFBC should give you the best frame rates when you are streaming full-screen games. That said, this is also something you will want to check by enabling the performance indicator on your streamed-to device. In some cases, you might have a better experience if you are not using NVFBC, but it is worth trying out as a starting point.

Now, go ahead and fire up Steam Link on your device. If you have not already paired a controller with your Android device, you will need to do that now.

You can optionally use the touch controls on your phone or tablet, but the experience is not that good. You will have a much better time with an actual controller, and the app is compatible with many popular Bluetooth controller, which include the Steam Controller.

settings steam link

This starts scanning for computers (Steam Link) on the network that are running Steam. When found the PC (or PCs), just tap the one to which you want to connect.

settings steam link

A PIN will be generated by your Android device. The Steam client on your PC will ask for this PIN, then add the PIN to the appropriate place.

It is time for the app to runs a quick network test and gives you the result, if your network is not fast enough, it will let you know that the experience may not be good.

settings steam link

Tap that Start Playing button to command the GO. You will get a quick controller guide letting you know how to control Steam Link, but it is pretty intuitive. Just tap Continue to move on.

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Once connected, Steam’s Big Picture mode fires up, and you can play just like you were sitting in front of your PC.

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Tweak Your Steam Link Settings

While playing game, you might notice some performance issues. You have a few options for fixing these issues.

The Settings menu on the mobile app offers you a trio of Streaming Quality settings: FastBalanced, and Beautiful. Choose your preferred option here, but note that there is also an Advanced screen, where you can tweak limits on bandwidth and resolution.

settings steam link

Similarly, some tweaks are available in the Steam app on your desktop,

Go through the View

Then the Settings

Follow by the In-Home Streaming menu.

Again, client options are FastBalanced, and Beautiful, but there is also an Advanced Host Options view. Use this to tweak streaming settings from your computer.


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