Hybrid Event: Simple Guide to Successfully Plan a Hybrid Events

Successfully Plan a Hybrid Events

With the current situation of the global pandemic, virtual events have become a viable option for top organisations but how can one ignore the effectiveness of on-ground events? That’s where hybrid events step-in.

Today, hybrid events have captured almost every event planner’s attention and are becoming extremely popular in the new normal. It enabled organisers to host a physical event while adding a virtual component to it.

Hosting hybrid events comes along with unlimited advantages- enables you to reach global audiences, reduces travel expenses, food costs,  prevents environment, gives better ROI, instant feedback and more!

Whether you are new to hybrid events or have hosted a few but the results were not up to the mark, don’t worry! You have landed at the right place! In this article, we have highlighted solutions to clear all your doubts.

Right from definition to popular tips for a power-packed experience to both virtual and physical attendees.

What Is A Hybrid Event?

A Hybrid Event is a perfect amalgamation of virtual events and physical events which is conducted in a virtually rich space. The platform enables both in-person and online attendees to connect and network seamlessly in a similar frame in real-time.

So, if you’re planning on adding an online spin to your physical event in 2021 and we know that a lot of you are here are some considerations for your upcoming event.

Find a Reliable Virtual Event Software Platform

Organising a hybrid event comes along with some set of responsibilities. To overcome it, ask your event planner to look for software that amalgamates all the necessary requirements for the specific event and provides you with a hassle-free experience.

Since, a hybrid combines both physical and virtual components, a reliable event technology platform is a must as your attendees residing at remote locations are completely dependent on your provided software.

So if you are expecting the maximum ratio of virtual attendees at your event, you just can’t take the risk of using faulty event platforms. This may create a bad impression, a negative virtual experience and you may not be able to deliver a successful event.

Choose a platform that integrates virtual and physical components seamlessly via video upload or live stream option, ticketing, qualified lead generation & retrieval techniques, live chat, registration, & event app functionality, enables you to save and upload recorded live stream for future reference and much more!

Conduct a Dry Run of your Event Technology

Since your event will incorporate in-house physical infrastructure with innovative interactive event technology, you’ll need to work out how these systems will communicate and how your event will flow. If you’re organising a fusion event for the first time, logistics may be a problem.

Test the virtual platform, customise how the online audience will communicate within the platform, and ensure that each session blends smoothly through the next by hosting a dry run of the case.

The dry run may also contain elements such as how the event production team can navigate attendee details and live chat functionality.

Lead Generation and Analytics

If you have already used online ticketing or online authentication you must be familiar with the software features available on a platform. This helps in gathering information about visitors and having analytical input.

Identify that a simulated event network would be able to see much more than just the participants’ contact details. A successful interactive event platform will be able to see who joins educational sessions, where they go in a virtual exhibit hall, how they communicate with the keynote speaker, which event components they interact with and how long they interact with them, and who answered polling questions.

Hybrid Events: Take Help from Sponsors

Sponsorships are a fantastic way for the event brand to raise money. However, just because they are receiving this funding does not mean they cannot assist in any areas.

Your sponsor should be hands-on with event promotion, brand management, and the overall event experience. After all, a negative audience experience reflects negatively on them as well as your event brand.

You might not want to make a bad first impression, particularly if you’re organising a corporate event to please industry rivals or colleagues.

Maintain accountability for your sponsors and include them in other facets of your case. This will help get things going smoothly, legitimise the event brand, and ensure that advertisers get the most bang for their buck.

Hybrid Events: Promote your Event

Know that social media is your companion before, during and after the event!

Social networking channels are an excellent way to stay in touch with existing and potential customers. Since it is where customers are and one of the ways they could interact with your brand. Advertise your hybrid events online on social media channels.

Designate a staff member to live-tweet the activities during the event so that attendees can keep up to date with what’s going on. If you’ve allowed late registrations, this sneak preview into the event could also convince people to sign up for the online event.

Follow up during the event with photos, videos, and potential plans to sustain high levels of interaction. Post on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You want people to recall their experiences, and social media allows them to do so while still making it easy for them to share them with their peers.

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Over to You About Hybrid Events

Organising a good hybrid event is no easy task, but with these handy hints, you can enhance online attendee participation, increase brand awareness, and achieve your event objectives.

The foregoing pointers will assist you in organising and hosting a fun and interactive hybrid gathering. Consider all the important aspects that you require to run the event to ensure a seamless hybrid event.

Create the ideal hybrid experience by adding workshops, choose the correct style and speakers, and find a middle ground that will appeal to all your prospects.

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