Southwest Airlines Employee Login, Benefits and Password Reset Guide

Workers at South West Airlines can access the SWALife online portal (for Southwest Airlines Employee Login) to send emails, consult their Southwest Airline employee benefits, stay up to date with company news, access Southwest Airlines employee handbook and look into their work schedules.

Southwest Airlines employee portal gives secured access through SWA ID and SWA password, provided for every employee upon being hired by the company.

Current and retired members of the Southwest Airlines employee directory access benefit from the service, as well as those who are looking for direct (temporary) login to crew web access.

Southwest employee login page can be accessed through a personal computer, also through a mobile device, as the work itself as an airline employee involves frequent travel.

This Southwest Airlines Employee Login Guide, we have prepared cover all of the steps involved in the SWA Life login process for current and retired employees. Additional information about career opportunities at Southwest Airlines for those who want to apply for a job with the company.

Southwest Airlines Employee Login for Current Employees

The Southwest Airlines Employee login page can be accessed easily through a simple link. You will need to provide the login credentials you received from your hiring manager and then follow these instructions. You can use these steps to log in to the employee website regardless of your current employment status.

SWALife | Southwest Airlines Employee Login Guide

Step 1 ====> Enter into your preferred internet browser to reach the Southwest Airlines employee login page. You will be redirected automatically to

Step 2 ====> Enter your SWA ID and SWA Password in the blue login box.

Step 3 ====> Click the Go circle on the right side of the login data fields to finish the Southwest Airlines Employee login process.

Southwest Airlines Employee Login for Retired Members

As Southwest Airlines employees enjoy a 401(k) plan, among other perks, employees who have retired from the company can access their remaining benefits through a special page on their website. To access it, go through these steps:

Step 1 ====> Connect to the employee login page and click the blue bar that reads retirees, please go to By clicking the link you will be automatically sent to the page for retirees.

Step 2 ====> Like in the case of current employees, you will need to provide your SWA ID and SWA Password to access your retiree benefits. After typing them in, hit Go.

Southwest Airlines Employee Mobile Login Guide

Southwest is always on the go, and so are Southwest employees. Thus, the login portal is mobile, so you can get access to your account no matter your destination. When you’re away, follow these steps to login:

Step 1 ====> Open the browser on your mobile device, and enter into the address bar.

Step 2 ====> Input your SWA ID and password in the empty boxes.

Step 3 ====> Tap the Submit button.

SWAlife Login via Apps

SWALife is compatible with all Apple and Android devices and even has two apps for your added convenience. The following two sections will teach you how to login to your account using the apps.

Southwest Airlines Employee Mobile Login via Android Devices

Step 1 ====> Go to the SWALife app on the Google Play Store.

Step 2 ====> Download and install the app on your phone or tablet.

Step 3 ====> Open the app, and enter your SWA ID and password into the appropriate boxes.

Step 4 ====> Tap the LOG IN button to complete the login process.

Southwest Airlines Employee Mobile Login via Apple Devices

Step 1 ====> Find the SWALife app on iTunes.

Step 2 ====> Download the app, and touch the data boxes to enter your SWA ID and password.

Step 3 ====> Hit the login button to access your information.

How to Reset your Southwest Airlines Employee Login Password

In case you cannot remember your SWA password, you can reset it through the Southwest Airlines employee login page.

Step 1 ====> Once you are connected to, click the blue question mark with Forgot password, written next to it.

Step 2 ====> You will need to provide your SWA ID in order to reset your password, so type it in the designated field and click the gray Submit button.

Step 3 ====> Follow the rest of the steps until you can establish your new Southwest Airlines employee login password.

Southwest Airlines Employee Culture

When it comes to Southwest Airlines employee motivation, the company has successfully created an entire culture for those who work with them.

They have a Star of the Month section in which they present another employee each month, together with their background, passions, and accomplishments. The Star of the Month receives a small reward from the company, like tickets to see their favorite show.

On the Culture section of their Careers website, Southwest Airlines also professionally present its purpose, vision, values, citizenship, and culture in action.

They have a YouTube channel called Nuts about Southwest in which they upload videos with the employees of their company.

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Southwest Airlines Careers

If you are interested in beginning a career with Southwest Airlines, you can learn more about their job openings and opportunities through their dedicated website.

You can look into Southwest Airlines employees discounts, benefits, environment and other details, labeled as the company WorkPerks.

The Southwest Airlines Careers page can be accessed through the main company website,, by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and clicking the Careers link in the first About Southwest column.

For direct access, you can click this link: You can see what positions they have available by clicking the blue Positions link on the top part of the screen. The main fields of activity for Southwest Airlines’ careers are Airport Operations, Call Centers, Flight Attendants, Aircraft Maintenance, Corporate Careers, Pilots and Flight Operations.

Moreover, students have a chance of gaining experience with Southwest Airlines through their internship programs. The company also prides itself as an Equal Opportunity Employer that hires covered veterans, women, qualified disabled and minorities. There are no fees for applying for a job at Southwest Airlines, and you can send your application here:

The process begins by searching for your desired position, through keywords, category, position type (full time, part-time, temporary or intern) or location (by city or zip code). If you have discovered the job you are looking for in your area, you can directly click on the title of the position (for example, Customer Service Agent) and proceed with learning more about the job, referring a friend or directly applying.

For any other details regarding Southwest careers, you can search for Southwest Airlines employees reviews to get some inside information about working for this airline company (do not be alarmed by the piece of news regarding Southwest Airlines employee death; the cases are extremely rare).

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