Complete Guide to Switch Mobile Data on Tecno Android Smartphone

Switch Mobile Data on Tecno Phone

Mobile data, cellular data whatever you named it, is one of those things that only become a life necessity once you acquire a smart phone. It is only when you lose connectivity that you realize you don’t know how to get anywhere without Google Maps, don’t have anything to read without Flipboard, and don’t know how to communicate with people through any medium other than WhatsApp.

May be you subscribe to different mobile network, though, almost every smart phone is using dual SIM. So, if one of the mobile network is not functioning well, or you have just exhaust your mobile data. Then you need to switch over to the next mobile data available on your phone.

Some smatphone users are frustrated as they don’t know how to switch mobile data on tecno phone. Here in this article, we shall be leading us through the whole process or steps you need to following other to switch mobile data on mobile data.

How to Switch Mobile Data on Tecno Phone

If you are facing with the issue of switching mobile data on your cellular mobile, then you are the right place. Here we shall be using tecno KA7 as a case study, the same steps works for every tecno phones.

Step 1 ====> Launch your phone and navigate to the settings. You can access the setting in two different ways. You can get to the setting from the main menu of your phone, you can as well access this by wiped down the screen from the top through the base.

Switch Mobile Data on Tecno Phone

Step 2 ====> Now that you have located the settings, then tap on it to explore more on the setting options, then tap network & internet.

Switch Mobile Data on Tecno Phone

Step 3 ====> From the result from step 2 above. You will see different options which include WIFI, WIF-direct, Sim cards, data usage among other.

Step 4 ====> Then, tap on SIM cards, you will see mobile network as well as mobile data. Since we want to switch mobile data, then tap on mobile data, then select your preferred network.

Switch Mobile Data on Tecno Phone

Step 5 ====> Alternatively to step 4 above, instead of tapping on mobile data as illustrated, then tap on data usage as shown bellow. From here you can select the preferred network that has mobile data.

Switch Mobile Data on Tecno Phone

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Finally on this note

The method in this article is very simple and straight forward to follow. Everyone using smatphone should be able to follow and switch mobile data on android phone. You will only have the best of your mobile phone when there is active mobile data on your smartphone. If this has helped you, let other benefit from it by share it on social media, on the other hand, you know other way, kindly share it on the comment box bellow.

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