What is Terrarium TV? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Terrarium TV is an Android APK file that has a lot of Movies and TV shows to watch. It only acquires online Movie or TV Show links from various HD sources and provides a clean interface.

If you have ever had the feeling you are paying too much for TV, you are far from alone. Whether it is the constant price gauging, or the simple fact that all TV was once free (albeit ad-supported), people are always looking for a way to pay less for their TV time.

Then along comes a tantalizing platform like Terrarium TV, which offers seemingly limitless free viewing of almost anything you are looking for. The problem is, of course, when things seem too good to be true, they often are

When Terrarium TV popped on to the scene, it seemed very similar to Popcorn Time, offering up content sourced via the internet in a sleek user interface, available only for Android-powered devices. While it operated slightly differently behind the scenes, Terrarium TV was very much the same idea in a nicer looking package, but as with Popcorn Time, its days were numbered.

Terrarium TV has fully entered the field to kill the Showbox and KODI. Yes, if you are looking to watch Movies and TV Shows continuously on Android, iOS, Windows PC/Laptop, Fire TV or Firestick, Android Box, and many other devices, then, Terrarium TV App is the best option for you.

Is Terrarium TV Legal And Safe To Use?

Is Terrarium legal and safe to use in USA, UK, Canada, or the UK? At a time where streaming apps are constantly popping up, it can be difficult to determine which ones are legal and which ones are not worth the risk. Terrarium TV is a streaming app similar to Morpheus TV, Tea TV, Mobdro, ShowBox, and Playbox HD. You can download the app to your Android Smartphone or tablet and then stream movies and TV shows.

But how legal is Terrarium TV? Could you end up in some legal dispute as a result of using it? Read the Terrarium TV review below to find out.

Is Terrarium TV Legal?

The FAQ section on the official website claims that Terrarium is not legal. Keep in mind that the app is not available via the official Google Play Store. So, that does raise some eyebrows.

According to their website, No (it is not illegal). Terrarium TV uses streaming technology instead of torrenting (P2P). Unless you share or upload videos, you will be ok.

However, I must point out that on Wednesday 26th April, 2017, the ECJ, aka European Court of Justice, ruled that copyright-protected work obtained by streaming from a website belonging to a third party offering that work without the consent of the copyright holder  does not benefit from an exemption of the laws governing the distribution of copyright content.

In other words, streaming pirated content using illicit apps is now just as illegal in the EU as downloading copyrighted material. Most importantly, however, is that the Disclaimer which appears after you download the Terrarium apk file install the app clearly states that Use Terrarium TV at your own risk. In other words, if you do fall into trouble, you are on your own.

The same applies to other Terrarium TV alternatives you might use to watch free content online. APKs such as Tea TV and Morpheus TV might get you into legal trouble depending on where you currently reside.

Is Terrarium TV Safe To Use?

In terms of viruses, malicious malware, or ransomware, the Terrarium TV review we conducted came up completely clean. Make sure you download the app from the official website. Also, always run an anti-virus program in the background just in case.

How does Terrarium TV work?

The first sign that Terrarium TV is not above-board is the fact that you need to side-load it onto an Android device. Side-loading, if you are not familiar, is the act of installing a program from a source other than an official store, from an APK download. If you are going to that, disable installation from unknown sources afterwards.

When clicked play on Solo, you will started laughing at how comically obvious the app presents content. First, you are presented with a laundry list of links, each being a different source for the movie file, each listing resolution quality and a file size. The sources listed included F4UFree (CAM) [OpenLoad], SeeHD (CAM) [Streamango] and SeriesNine (CAM) [CDN-FastServer].

Features Of TerrariumTV

Terrarium TV has become the most loved App after the Showbox with its stunning and yet advantageous features. Shortly, it can cross the Showbox with premium version characteristics.

Here is the list of features that it has come up with are given below.

====> It has got eye feasting user interface. The interface makes it looks so classy and decent.

====> There is no need for KODI if you have this App. The statement applies strictly to Movies and TV series users.

====> It supports high-quality streaming without any buffering issues.

====> The developers added 4K movies feature recently.

====> Free and most reliable Application available to get free Movie stuff.

====> It supports Chromecast.

====> It has an enormous collection of the database in different genres like action, romantic, adventure, fantasy, thrilling, and horror.

====> Search operator finds any film or episode that you want to watch.

====> Subtitles support in different languages.

====> Favorites option is provided to store any TV shows you would like to find quickly. Or else, you can favorite Movies to access them quickly

Terrarium TV For Android Download

Terrarium TV is not available in the Google Play store to directly Install on your mobile/tablet. Here are the guidelines to get the free Android Movies App on your device.

Step 1 ====> Enable Unknown Sources on Android: Enabling the Unknown Sources option is explained in a single Image. Have a look at the below Enabling Unknown Sources on Android picture.

The Unknown sources option should be enabled whenever you need to Install the APK file. In other words, if you want to Install the Apps which are not available in the Play Store, then, this option should be turned on. To enable it, follow the steps bellow

Terrarium TV is an Android

====> Go to Settings

====> Choose Security

 ====> Find the Unknown Sources option in that section.

====> Finally, turn it on to Install the APK file available on the below link.

Step 2 ====> Download Terrarium TV APK File: The APK file will frequently be updated to ensure security issues, unlimited streaming, and error-free Movies/TV Shows links.

Step 3 ====> Follow Installation Routine

====> Find the APK file on your Android mobiles. In my Android mobile, the APK is saved in the download folder. You can find it on your device from the download, or any other folder on your memory.

====> Click on file. You will see the screen that needs your permission to Install it. Just tap on the Install button.

Terrarium TV is an Android

====> Be patient while the Terrarium TV is being Installed on your device.

Now, the App is wholly Installed on your device and ready to be opened.

TerrariumTV For iOS

Terrarium TV for iOS (iPhone/iPad) is the inclusion in the field of enjoyment and entertainment. Terrarium TV iOS version is the newest app suitable for you to watch the whole bundle of movies and various friendly TV shows which you wish to see now and then but have to wait to appear on TV s per their timings. Your wait is over as Movie Box can bring your desired movies right in front of you at any time from your android phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets and PC/Laptops.

Terrarium is an Android

Terrarium TV for iPhone would be indeed an amazing combination. As you already know, Terrariumtv App let you enjoy unlimited HD Movies and HD TV shows right on a smartphone, PC/Laptop, Firestick. In a short period of time, TerrariumTV got a lot of loyal fans as it holds all the reasons for that. There are a lot of other apps that allow you to watch movies and tv shows but Terrarium TV is a bit different from others.

Important Update: Terrarium TV is back as Cyberflix TV App. The whole interface and user experience are far better than any other streaming app.

Meanwhile, many guides are asking to install third-party apps store like Vshare on iPhone but there is no way of installing Terrarium tv on iPhone/iPad through Vshare. Vshare is a third party app store for installing paid iOS apps for free.

First of all, Terrarium TV is not a Paid app. You can download the Terrarium TV app for free. Secondly, Terrarium TV app is not available on Vshare.

Therefore, rather than trying to install TerrariumTV on iPhone or iOS, you can try other apps for iPhone which are similar to Terrarium TV.

How To Use Terrarium TV On Firestick

Terrarium TV on Firestick is a super hit combination and you can get TerrariumTV App on Firestick within few minutes. The great thing is, using patched terrariumTV on Firestick/FireTV, you will be able watch Terrarium TV videos on big screen with better audio and video quality.

Unfortunately, Terrarium TV has been shut down by the developer of the app and you will not be able to see new movies and TV shows on Terrarium TV. But, you can watch the movies and TV shows which are already available on the TerrariumTV app. Using Patched Terrarium TV on Firestick, you can easily install and use patched TerrariumTV on Firestick.

Install TerrariumTV on FireStick Using Downloader App

In the following steps, you will first learn how to install the Terrarium TV patched version and later you will see how to install MX Player on FireStick. Make sure you install MX Player first before opening the Terrarium TV app.

Before we start, turn on Allow apps from unknown sources on your FireStick. You can do that by:

Terrarium is an Android

Step 1 ====> Heading to Settings

Step 2 ====> System

Step 3 ====> Developer Options.

Now, follow the steps below.

Important Note: If you already have the previous version of TTV, you need to uninstall it before starting the steps to install patched/modded TerrariumTV app for Fire Stick. Now the steps in details:

Step 1 ====> Install the Downloader app from Amazon Store if you don’t have it already. Select the search option on the FireStick home-screen and look up for the Downloader app.

Step 2 ====> Run the Downloader app from Your Apps & Channels section. Following is the Downloader home-screen you will be presented with.

Step 3 ====> Select and click the space on the right for the URL field

TerrariumTV is an Android

Step 4 ====> An on-screen keyboard pops up. Enter the following: URL: https://www.firesticktricks.com/ttv

Step 5 ====> Hit the GO button

Step 6 ====> (Only required if you are redirected. If the file downloads directly, skip this step), you will be redirected to a webpage in the Browser section of the Downloader app. Click the Download button.

Step 7 ====> Wait for the Downloader to download the Terrarium TV Modded APK file on your Fire TV / Fire Stick / Fire TV Cube.

Terrarium TV is an Android

Step 8 ====> As soon as the file is downloaded, the Downloader app will begin the installation process.

Step 9 ====> Go to the bottom right of the window. You will notice that the Next button changes to Install. Click Install to continue

Step 10 ====> Wait for the installation to complete

Step 11 ====> The App Installed notification indicates that Terrarium TV modded version has been installed on your FireStick device. Do not click the OPEN button yet, Click DONE. We need to install MX Player first to make Terrarium TV work. The modded version may not work with any other media player.

TerrariumTV is an Android

Step 12 ====> When you are back on the Downloader window, click Delete

Terrarium TV is an Android

Step 13 ====> Click Delete again. This deletes the Terrarium TV APK on your FireStick. You don’t need it any longer as you have already installed the app.

Install The MX Player on FireStick

Step 1 ====> Now; click the Home tab again on the Downloader on the left

Step 2 ====> Click the URL field again

TerrariumTV? Here is Everything You Need to Know

Step 3 ====> Enter the following URL: http://bit.ly/mxfire and click GO

Step 4 ====> Wait for the APK to download. When it is downloaded, the installation will start. Click Install on the bottom right

Step 5 ====> When the MX Player is installed, App Installed notification will appear again, Click DONE. We don’t need to open MX Player directly.

Step 6 ====> Terrarium TV patched version is now installed on FireStick. What you simply need to do is go to the Your Apps & Channels and run TerrariumTV. You will first be greeted with the Changelog prompt, Click OK.

What is Terrarium TV? Here is Everything

Step 7 ====> When prompted to choose the default player, select MX Player. Accept the terms and conditions when the Disclaimer window pops

Here is your Terrarium TV app successfully installed on Amazon Fire Stick. Enjoy!!!

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How to Stream TerrariumTV to ChromeCast

It is fully compatible with ChromeCast. Follow the steps given below and you’ll be able to stream movies to chromecast without any problem.

Step 1 ====> First of all, Install AllCast  or LocalCast

Step 2 ====> Choose the option Play Via Other Video Players

Step 3 ====> Finally, select AllCast or LocalCast  to cast the movies or TV shows to your screen.

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