Complete Step on Buckle Credit Card Application, Login & Payment Methods

The Buckle Credit Card, Application, Login & Payment Methods

Buckle was established as far back as 1948 by David Hirschfeld in Kearney, Nebraska. When the company was established, it was known as Mill Clothing. Buckle now known as one of the leading company in offering casual clothing and denim for women, children and men. Buckle has more than 450 malls or location across the United State of America. Buckle company give out credit card known as Buckle Credit card for its customers, the card is issued by Comenity Bank.

The buckle credit card is a means of getting rewards Buckle purchases. You will get point(s) on every dam dollar you spent at Buckle location or stores and on Another thing about this point of a thing is that it has expiry time or period. Therefore, you must be a regular customer patronizing the company so as to enjoy the benefits associated with the point accumulated.

NOTE: Pair the expiring points with the high APR, and the Buckle card may not be the best pick for everyone.

Buckle Credit Card’s Additional Info

Maximum Over Limit Fee: None or $0

Maximum Penalty APR: None or $0

Maximum Late Fee: Around $40

Foreign Transaction Fee: Not Available

Cash Advance APR: Not Available

Cash Advance Fee: Not Available

Smart Chip: None

Online Response: No

Grace Period: About 25 days

The Benefits of Using Buckle Credit Card

Everything has its good and bad aspect, Buckle Card is one of them. Either you like it or not, there should be some benefits associated with the use of Buckle Credit Card Account. In other not to waste much of our time, we will quickly highlight some of the benefits you can enjoy as Buckle CreditCard holder

====> You will get 1 point on every single dollar you spent on Buckle stores or online

====> You will be rewarded $10 on every $300 your spent

====> You will get close to $15 off on your birthday if I were you; I will shop on my birthday not to miss this benefit

====> Not negotiable, on your first purchase with the BuckleCreditcard, you will enjoy a 10% discount on everything you buy

====> You will enjoy exclusive mail offers and discounts

====> Last but not the least on this list, you will not pay any dollar as your annual fee, meaning NO ANNUAL FEE

The Requirements for Buckle CreditCard Application

To apply for the Buckle card you must meet the following requirements because they determine your eligibility for this card. And these requirements are:

====> You must leave in the USA

====> As an applicant, you must have a street, rural route or APO/FPO mailing address. Mind you PO Box addresses cannot be accepted.

====> You must have a fair credit score.

====> Like other credit card company demands, you should have a government recognized US social Security Number

====> You must be at least 18 years and above

Apply for the Buckle Credit Card

We are sure now that you are familiar with some of the benefits of using Buckle jeans Credit card or Buckle Credit card Account. Maybe, you have decided to apply for Buckle Credit card.

The steps are simple and users friendly, here is what you need to do in other to apply for Buckle Credit account Card.

Step 1 ====> First of all, you need to visit the official website of Buckle or you copy and paste on your browser.

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on Apply at the topmost on the page

Step 3 ====> After clicking on the apply button, you will be taken to where you will fill a form. Before you fill the form, you need to read the terms and conditions for applying.

Step 4 ====> Then you need to enter your personal information as demanded through the form, your names, Suffix, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and your annual income.

The Buckle CreditCard, Application, Login & Payment Methods

Step 5 ====> Now you need to provide your contact details as stipulated in the form, here you are to provide: your Street Address, Suite, Apartment, City, State, Zipcode, Phone number, email address among others.

The Buckle Credit Card, Application, Login & Payment Methods

Step 6 ====> Now Authorize your application for purchase.

Step 7 ====> Now to get the Status of your Buckle Credit Card application, the applicant must call the bank and provide application number. The Bank customer service assistance will now provide the status of your Buckle credit card application form.

Login on Buckle Credit Card

This question must come to your mind, can I manage my credit card online? The answer is yes, you can manage it online. The only condition is to have online access.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit Comenity Bank official website

Step 2 ====> Provide your login details on the page, this includes your username and password

BuckleCreditCard, Application, Login & Payment Methods

Step 3 ====> Then, click remember me box to save your login details for future use

Step 4 ====> Final, click on the login button to complete your login process. Having done that, you can now properly manage your card online.

NB: This credit card is issued out by Comenity bank.

How do I Activate My Buckle Credit Card?

Without activation, you will not be able to use the Buckle card. Without activation, this is just like a plastic card in your wallet. Buckle credit card remain useless without activation, this part of the article will guide you through the activation process.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official activation page or copy and paste www.d.comenity/buckle-credit-cards/ on your browser

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on Register for Online Access

Step 3 ====> Now create an online account for the credit card after verifying your credit card in the system

Step 4 ====> Then, create an online detail for the account protection

Step 5 ====> Login your account again as explained in article

Step 6 ====> Activate your credit card with your Card number and the Primary SSN related to the credit card account registration

Hope you got all as instructed. You can indicate for any question if there is.

Reset Login details

You can forget your login details due to many circumstances, but you don’t need to worry yourself. You will recover and reset through the steps below.

Step 1 ====> Visit the login page as explained above

Step 2 ====> On the login page, locate and click on Forgot your username and password link

Step 3 ====> Then follow the on-screen instruction to complete the recovery process

Buckle Credit Card Payment methods

You have learned a lot about this credit card in this article. Now, we are moving to the most crucial aspect of the article on BuckleCreditCard. Like myself, everybody must guide its money when it comes to online payment. In this aspect of the article, we shall be dealing with different ways you can make a payment on your Buckle Card.

There are various means to make a payment on this credit card, we will run through them one-by-one.

Online payment method

Phone call payment method

Mail payment method

Stores or location payment method

Online Payment Method

I think this is the most common method to make payments using BuckleCreditCard. The process involved is simple and easy to adopt. Here is what you need to do:

The Buckle Credit Card, Application, Login & Payment Methods

You need to visit the Buckle Credit Card website or click the Buckle credit cards website. You may even schedule your payment to suit your purpose. If you need to make a day payment, it must be made by 8 p.m. ET on the date it is due. If not, you will pay a late fee.

Phone Call Payment Method

The buckle allows you to make credit card payments by phone. The Buckle credit card customer service number is 888-427-7786.

For the hearing impaired, the TDD/TTY Buckle credit card phone number is 800-695-1788.

Stores or Location Payment Method

You can pay your Buckle credit card bill at any Buckle store or location, either by check or with cash.

Mail Payment Method

The last but not the least payment method using Buckle Credit Card is through the mail. In case you choose to make your payment through this method, do the following

Step 1 ====> You need to write and send a check, cashier check payable in the US dollar or money order to the name and address listed on your statement specified for payments.

Step 2 ====> You need to include your payment stub in the envelope provided

Step 3 ====> You don’t need to staple your payment to the stub, don’t send any additional correspondence along with your payment.

The mailing address for Buckle Card payments is:

Comenity Bank

PO Box 659704

San Antonio, TX 78265-9704

NPTE: If your payment doesn’t follow these guidelines, it might not be credited to your account for up to five days, or it might be rejected.

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Buckle Credit Cards QAS

This part of the article will address common questions about Buckle Credit Card

Where can I use My Buckle Credit Card?

The Buckle credit card is not a MasterCard or Visa card, it is a store card. With this point in your mind, the credit card can only be used in the Buckle store in your location. You can also use the card to shop on Buckle’s online store and other stores associated with Buckle.

What Credit Score is Needed for a Buckle Card?

As mentioned above, the card is a store card, you still need at least a fair credit score. Although the overall credit requirement for the Buckle Credit Cards is that you should have fair credit or better.

Reviewers have reported being approved for a Buckle Credit Card with scores as low as 500 which is not bad, so it may be an option for those with poor credit

What Bank Issued Buckle Credit Cards?

This is one of the common questions about Buckle Card, this store card is one of the credit cards issued by Comenity Bank. In that case, your account activities will need to pass through the Comenity Bank database.

Can you Pay Buckle Credit Card Online?

Yes, you can. Though is a store card, you can still pay your bills via the online portal. You can pay your BuckleCreditCard bill online using online bill pay by visiting the Buckle credit card website. Payments can be scheduled for the next day or a future date. We covered payment options in the article, refer to the payment process highlighted above in the article.

How do I Cancel My Buckle Card?

It is possible to close your Buckle account, the process requires is very simple and easy. If you would like to close your Buckle Credit Card, you need to reach the Comenity Bank customer representative via a phone number. The number to cancel your credit card is 1 888 427 7786 TDD/TTY 1 800 695 1788

Do Buckle Rewards Expire?

Yes, your reward expires if you don’t claim them on time. Points earned expire 13 months after the date they were earned. Therefore, to avoid this, you must claim your earned reward before 13 months.


We do appreciate your effort in reading through the write-up on the BuckleCreditCard matter. We had run through a lot of series on what you need to know about the BucklCreditcard account.

We treated how you can apply for the Buckle Credit Card, the Login process, and how you can make payment among other issues disused. If you enjoy us, gadgetsright, please do share it with your friends on social media.

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