List of Top 5 Tips to Get Amazing VR Experience on Your Smartphone

5 Tips to Get Amazing VR Experience on Your Smartphone

Virtual Reality (VR) is presently in its early stages of growth and development. Of course, it hasn’t gone too far in terms what we’re seeing in science-fiction games and movies. Maybe in the coming years, we will get to see that as well (VR Experience).  Not computer games, but some of the leading mobile phone manufacturers and companies producing nanny cam and POV cameras are also working on VR development. In addition, VR technology is also becoming a significant part of the entertainment industry as well.

As of now, there are 360-degree images and videos that are really immersive. Soon, we will be accessing YouTube and Instagram in VR. Google is offering a range of Google VR applications which is indeed a smart and profitable use of this technology. A popular misconception that everybody has is that you would need a pricey VR headset to explore Virtual Reality. This concept is totally wrong. You can experience VR on smart devices including smartphones.

In this article, we will discuss different ways how you can enjoy VR anywhere by simply using your smartphone

1 Nearly all OS smartphones come with a VR Experience option

There’s a possibility that your mobile is already VR enabled. Nearly all OS smartphones come with a VR option. The freedom to glance around the room by bobbing your head undoubtedly makes the whole VR experience more immersive for the users. This feature is possible by equipping smartphones with a gyroscope sensor. This option is supported by most medium and high-end models. In case your old phone doesn’t allow this feature, it is possible to still use VR apps on your phone.

2. Your phone needs to have magnetometer sensors to activate the navigation option

You cannot use your smartphone device once you place it in the VR headset. However, several headsets come with an option of navigation within the app. Not all VR sets come with this feature. Your phone needs to have magnetometer sensors in order to activate the navigation option. You need to invest in a good quality VR headset if your phone is VR enabled (VR Experience).

3. You can buy a VR headset online (VR Experience)

You can even make a personalized headset yourself.  You will require a magnet, some cardboard and lenses. You can even buy a VR headset online which works with Google Cardboard supporting apps. They’re cheap lenses, and they generally don’t have any heavy machinery or circuits, just optics.

Top 5 Tips to Get Amazing VR Experience on Your Smartphone

The only drawback is the fact that one needs to rely on his cell phone along with its battery life for using games or apps. Moreover, you cannot play certain games that are graphically complex and challenging.

4. Reliving old memories is easy with VR Experience

Interactive video experiences let you travel the world from the comfort of your own home. Visiting places, you’ve never seen before, or reliving memories of a favourite holiday destination is easy with VR.

You can take a trip into space to explore the solar system, or use any of educational apps to help children improve their geography and world knowledge.

5. Most devices are good enough to take realistic pictures

The most popular invention in VR is the idea of taking 360-degree images and videos of your own. Most devices are good enough to take realistic pictures. You can experience these pictures in-complete 360 degrees using a VR headset. It is a perfect way to display your holiday selfies.

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Final Word on VR Experience

With VR Experience, you can experience virtual videos and YouTube shows in immersive virtual reality. Through a smartphone app, you can look for 360-degree clips and enjoy immersive short films, videos and unique adventures.  The best thing about VR is that it’s inexpensive and quick. The only thing you need is a mobile that supports VR apps. Once you choose to explore VR on your own, you will need a VR headset to experience videos and images in VR.

The scope of VR is massive, and healthcare is one sector where it is likely to have a significant effect. It can calm nervous people with serene surroundings. Also, it can make children suffering from different chronic illnesses feel more comfortable while they heal. VR has the ability to transform their lives. VR technology can even help you combat different fears and phobias such as heights or social interaction.

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