Top Google Chrome Extension For Better Productivity on your Computer

Google Chrome Extension.

Google’s Chrome is a browser packed full of an unbelievable amount of extensions that add all sorts of functions you need for better productivity while using it. It is a bit hard to search through the store to find what is useful, so let me save you some time with this collection of my favorite Google Chrome Extension.

Though, every web browser has its merits and demerits, but Google Chrome is the best choice when you prefer having a highly productive, multipurpose and extension-rich web browser to use on your computer to surf the net with any of these funniest chrome extensions.

But before I will continue with this coolest chrome extension, I will like us to go through some of the benefit of using Google chrome browser.

In actuality, there are many features to enjoy from Google chrome that available in the market that you can download on the chrome as Google Chrome Extension. Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world with over 60% of current market share.

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It is simple, offers powerful features and fast browsing, making it first choice for many different users. However, that does not mean it is perfect and can satisfy needs of everyone. There are tons of other browsers available in the market with features that Google Chrome does not offer. Despite this, Google Chrome is still the best browser with tones of coolest chrome extension.

Top Google chrome extension for better productivity in 2017

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is an effective Google Chrome Extension for blocking interrupting content from your web browser. Using the plugin, you can get rid of ads, in an effective way. For example, rather than blocking all the ads, you have the option to integrate some lists with the blocking process so that the tool has a conscience about ads that need to be blocked.

Despite its ability to support various host file-based filters, uBlock Origin is known for the lower usage of CPU memory. In fact, it makes sensible senses.


Pocket is a wonderful coolest Chrome Extension you need on your browser. Pocket is your place to quickly save, discover and recommend the stories that interest you while surfing the net with Google chrome. When you are browsing the internet, you can use pocket to save everything that you want to reference later whether it is a web article, product you might buy, or just a link to access on another device. It is one of the most useful Google Chrome Extension out there!

Todoist for scheduling task

If you have not yet settled on a default to-do list manager and use Chrome often, Todoist is worth a look. It is Google Chrome Extension that puts a powerful task list in your browser toolbar and offers a ton of features in a small space. For starters, you can simply type to add a task or turn the active tab into an item on your list.

It also lets you set a priority and enter a due date or recurring date for each to-do. Plus, it displays your schedule spanning the next seven days in a beautiful interface. The ability to add and scan your to-dos in one place makes it a better choice than Wunderlist, which offers separate extensions for each function.


Readability is a Google Chrome Extension that prepares web articles in such a way that you can read them in a convenient and impressive form, right now or later depending on you. There are two options: Read Now and Read Later.

If you take the Read Now, it will clear other part of website and bring ready-to-read content in the browser screen in seconds. On the other hand, with the Read Later part, you can save the article for later reading.

Other notable features of Readability include the deep integration with Facebook and Twitter for sharing, feature to organize reading list, no wonder it is refer to as Coolest Chrome extension.

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Google dictionary

For those who find hard to understand words while browsing web, Google Dictionary is a must-have Chrome extension. Google Dictionary as an extension is truly intuitive, because you can double click on a word to see meaning of the word in a pop-up.

Not only English, there is support for various languages and you can depend upon Google Dictionary plugin when you are reading a jargon filled or ornamentally written article. There is also an option to hear the word pronounced, right away.

Awesome screenshot

You will be familiar with Awesome Screenshot if you have ever sought screen capturing solutions with a twist.  UI of the extension is so simple that almost anyone can start using the screen capturing solution in seconds.

Though quite low in terms of size, Awesome Screenshot lets you take screenshots, edit them by adding effects such as blur and adding annotations etc. Along with these, you have the option to upload these screenshots into image sharing platforms so that you can share them easily.

Recently, they have added support for working with Google Drive as well, if you talk about Google Chrome Extension and you do not include Awesome screenshot, the list is not correct.

Data saver

Data compression for more efficient browsing is not exactly something new, as it is being built into some browsers like Opera. Now Chrome users can also enjoy bandwidth savings with Google’s Data Saver extension, it is a free Google Chrome Extension that uses Google’s servers to compress website data before sending it’s displayed, which can lead to large data savings.

Users can look up further details as to how much data they’re saving and consuming over time. As a security measure, pages accessed through HTTPS or Chrome’s incognito mode are left uncompressed.

The Great Suspender

Google Chrome is often blamed for the extremely higher power consumption, sometimes causing the system to get crashed. If you are suffering from this higher consumption issue, The Great Suspender will definitely be useful, as it is capable of suspending tabs that you do not use currently.

By doing so, there will be a notable decrease in the usage of RAM. The Great Suspender has been able to help a lot of users by stopping their system from crashing, due to the resource eating Chrome that is while is among coolest Chrome Extension.

Accompany for Gmail

We have heaped praise on Accompany for its approach to upgrading your meeting preparations by combining calendar and contact management features. Now you can get those features added straight into Gmail with the Accompany for Gmail Google Chrome Extension.

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Accompany for Gmail makes sure you are never out of the loop when it comes to important information about the people and companies you correspond with, automatically pulling up bios, social media links, shared connections, recent interactions and professional news

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