How to Track Stolen Samsung Galaxy s5 Made Easy This Day

Track stolen Samsung Galaxy s5 made it easy this days as you can recover your smart phone in various way. There is nothing worse these days than losing your smart  phone. Especially if you lose your brand new Samsung Galaxy S5.

Smart phones are an essential part of most owner lives and often contain an array of sensitive data in which when get lost or stolen give concern to the owners. We have all been there; the lost smart phone panic.

You cannot find your phone, and someone may be trying to reach you. Who has it? What are they doing with it? These and many more questions you need to answer when you lost your smart phone or when someone stole it from you, from my own understanding, track stolen Samsung Galaxy s5 is the best answer.

Now that you have finally find answer to this problem, how will you go about track stolen Samsung Galaxy s5 to rely know how to track it back.

When it comes to protecting or recovering your smart phone from loss or theft there’s a few different options available for Android users. If you happen to lose your Galaxy S5 you will want to have Google’s Android Device Manager installed to save the day.

Even worse, what if they see those pictures in your gallery? This is urgent what can you do? Before any of that happens, follow these easy steps to be able to find or remotely control your device to make sure your contacts’ info and other stuffs are safe and sound, no matter what.

Remote controlled on track stolen Samsung Galaxy s5

This is a very simple method to track stolen Samsung Galaxy s5, the fact remains setting up this before your smart phone lost or stolen away from you.

Step 1


The first step to take in setting up your device for easy access to track stolen Samsung Galaxy s5 before stolen or loss is dive to settings icon of you phone.

Step 2


Then you need to scroll down to locate and select security as soon as you find it under the system header.

Step 3

The action here is simple, just select or clicks remote controls


Step 4

This step is easy, just select OK


Step 5

Tap the remote control to turn it on and the fill in the require information about your Samsung account.


Note: Note: Note: Make sure to have “Use wireless networks” enabled. If you are not, this feature is useless unless you misplace your phone while logged into WiFi and it never leaves that WiFi zone.

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Now that you are through with the first aspect on how to track stolen Samsung Galaxy s5, you are very close to the whole process. Just a few steps more to complete the whole process. Meanwhile you are done with the remote controls setting, the next line of action is the website settings.

Video on how to track stolen Samsung galaxy s5

The website on how to track stolen Samsung Galaxy s5

Step 1


Go to and enter your details on the space provided on the left hand side of the page that pops up.

Step 2


From this page, you can do a lot of things. You can locate your phone based on its last cellular tower ping, this is why you want the option above selected in other to track stolen Samsung Galaxy s5, or remotely lock it. You can even ring it, which makes it easier to find if it is near you.

Step 3

If you choose the “Ring my device” option, you can also set up a note that flashes across the screen. This tells whoever may have it whatever you want to tell them, can’t you see this is wonderful.

If you like, you can even check the call logs to see if your phone is being used. If all is lost, you can wipe the device. Have you ever lost your Samsung Galaxy S5? If yes, you can try the information on this article to track stolen Samsung Galaxy s5.

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