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How To Unfriend Facebook Friends Without Them Knowing

Facebook is a social media platform to enjoy series of lives activities such as meeting people from around the world. People of different cultures, languages and divers of background. As this is good, at the same time it might be annoying when so called friend start posting rubbish on your wall, this call for unfriend Facebook friends of such caliber.

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If your new friend is using too much foul language, sharing too many political views or pitching you too many products or services (or any of the other reasons people unfriend Facebook friends) then it may be time to drop this new connection!

Delete friend on Facebook is not hard as people thought, the process requires are very simple and easy to follow. To tackle this problem (how to delete friends on Facebook without them knowing), here is a proposed method based solely on the beauty of maths and scientific elimination on how to unfriend Facebook friends.

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Now it is time to go through the process of unfriend someone on Facebook without them knowing, here I will share about three simple methods to unfriend Facebook friends. At the end of these process you will decide which of the method to use, enjoy yourself as you keep reading.

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Method 1: On profile update to Unfriend Facebook Friends

You can unfriend Facebook friends through their updated profile pictures, here are the steps to follow.Unfriend Facebook Friends

  1. Hover over their name
  2. See the “friends” box
  3. Hover over that and see (and click) the “unfriend” link near the bottom

Method 2: On their Timeline to Unfriend Facebook Friends

This is second method I am going to share with you on how to unfriend on Facebook without them knowing.Unfriend Facebook Friends

  1. Visit the person’s timeline
  2. At the top right, you will see a “friends” box
  3. Hover over that and find “unfriend” near the bottom

Method 3: Unfollow Facebook Friend

This method will teach you how to unfollowed your friend on Facebook, like the first two methods above, it very simple and easy to follow.

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Click on unfollow by hovering over the arrow to the right of one of their posts

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If you really want to unfriend Facebook friends you see on your news feed who post illegal or ridiculous thing, the any of the above method is appropriate for the process of unfriend on Facebook without them knowing. The third method should be adopted if you just want to stop seeing what he/ she post on your news feed.

If you find any of this method helpful, do not keep it to yourself, rather share with the on social media, if you also have something in mind drop it on the comment box bellow.

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