How To Unlink Facebook From Instagram Account (Quick Guide)

Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Facebook is the mother of all social media across the globe. On the other hand, Instagram is one of the most popular social media. There is a way which you can link the account together. Meanwhile, here today, we will be go through the process of unlink Facebook from instagram account.

Instagram is the one of the most popular social networking application for sharing photos and short videos with the world, its all about to getting likes and getting followers to your Instagram account

Why Do You Need To Unlink Facebook From Instagram

There are some good reasons one may decided to disconnect Facebook from Instagram account. These reasons depend on individual, here are some the reasons:

  1. One of the reasons is to keep your instagram friends from your Facebook activities
  2. Unlink Facebook from Instagram account will prevent your photos and videos from been share among your Facebook friends.
  3. To maintain your privacy from unknown Facebook users. There are some options in Instagram which help you to have Private Instagram Accounts.

How To Unlink Facebook From Instagram Account

You have done well up to this level, this is the time you are waiting for. Now let go through the whole steps requires to unlink Facebook from Instagram account.

Step 1 ====> Open Instagram app on your android device

Step 2 ====> Open the profile tab as well

Step 3 ====> Now tap the menu at the top (three vertical dots)

Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Step 4 ====> Select settings (iOS devices, click on settings icon).

Step 5 ====> Now find “Linked accounts” and tap on it to explore the details.

Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Step 6 ====> Now select Facebook, find an option Unlink.

Step 7 ====> Now tap on Unlink option and confirm it. This process will allow you to unlink Facebook from Instagram.

Unlink Facebook From Instagram

Now that you have completed this process, you have successfully disconnect Facebook account from Instagram.

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