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How To Update Android OS on Smartphone

Update Android operating system (OS) is imperative to the safety and natural working order of smartphone. Update Android OS are important because you want to ensure that your apps and other functions run smoothly, and to protect your phone from misbehaving. This is because updates often contain patches and address specific identified risks.

How you can access OS updates will vary, and you should prepare your phone or tablet in a few ways before you start downloading. The newer your phone is, the sooner you’ll receive updates from your carrier, while Google issues updates directly to its Pixel line of Android devices.

Typically, you will be notified when your Android’s operating system update is available. At this notification, you will be prompted to either install the update or delay it. While it is always a good idea to install these updates as soon as possible. It is also smart to make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network. Update Android OS can consume more data than usual, especially for the more data-heavy updates.

Here is how you can find out which version of the Android OS your device is running, how to get updates, and what to do if you don’t want to wait for your carrier to issue the OS update.

Check Your Version

You should check which version of Android your device is running, by going into settings; for most smartphones, you will find this under “About phone.” Here is how to:

Step 1 ====> Open the settings menu

Step 2 ====> Scroll down to About phone

Step 3 ====> Tap on About phone to see what make up the phone.  Android has a full list of OS names and version numbers online so you can see where you fit in the scheme of things.

Also in the “About phone” section of settings is your phone’s model number, which can also help you figure out how to update your device. Check the manufacturer and carrier websites to find out how software updates work for your specific device.

Is your device up to date? 

This is depending largely on the age of your device, newer versions of the Android OS may not be compatible. For instance, if you are using an older Android smartphone, the latest Android OS might not work for your phone.

If your device is not functioning properly or you suspect you have missed an update for any reason, you can also force your device to search for available updates.

Back Up Before Update Android OS

Before you proceed, be sure to backup all of your data, just in case something goes wrong with the update. You should be backing up your information regularly. There is a multitude of backup apps available out there from carriers, manufacturers, and third parties. Download and use one now.

Manually Search For And Install Available Update Android OS

Before you force your smart phone to search for available software updates, you should first check what version of Android OS your device is currently running as explain above.

====> Go to Settings

====>About Phone (depending on your device, this may be found under the General or System subcategory).

On the following screen, information about your phone is displayed. The information should include network status, your phone’s name, model number, and Android OS version. Some devices will also show the Android security patch level and security software version. This added information is helpful if you’re searching for security updates.

====> Go back to Settings

====> System updates

====>Check for system updates. Your device will then search for the latest Android OS updates.

Checking Your System Update Android History

So are you wondering if you have installed the latest Android update? Fortunately, you can also check your system update history from the System updates screen.

====> Go to Settings

====> System updates

====>Show system update history. The last system update installed is displayed on this screen. This means you can quickly verify if a previous update was installed successfully.

====> Select Show system update history to view more history.

====> On the following screen, you can verify the dates, times, and the updates that were previously installed. This info is helpful if you are ever troubleshooting or on the phone with a wireless representative.

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